RESULTS: League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Day 2 Matches

Zac Cameron,

May 12, 2018 1:50 PM

All the action from the second day of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage.

Day two of MSI and we’ve seen some very exciting upsets already. Some teams are representing their region quite well, while others are having a tough time getting wins on the board. Here’s a brief breakdown of the games.

Kingzone DragonX – Fnatic

A surprising outcome for even the most die-hard EU LCS fans as FNC completely dominated KZ in this match. Starting early with first blood less than a minute into the game, FNC continued to outplay KZ across the map, picking up kills and objectives seemingly wherever they pleased. It would take quite a while before KZ managed to make some moves of their own, but by that point it was too late, with FNC ending the game in 35 minutes with a gold lead of 9.7k.

Royal Never Give Up – EVOS Esports

A bit of a slower start compared to the previous match, with both teams remaining level with each other for quite a while. Eventually RNG were able to win a skirmish that started their lead, something they built upon over time by looking towards objective control above all else. The two kills that EVS picked up in the early game ended up being the only victories for them this match, as RNG flexed their muscles to close out the match in a dominating fashion, ahead in gold by 18.5k when the match ended at 34 minutes.

Team Liquid – Flash Wolves

The unfortunate start for the North American representatives did not abate today, as they fell victim to another excellent performance from the Flash Wolves. FW started their objective control early, and though TL were able to pick up first blood, they would secure little else this match as FW had the map on lock. The match was short compared to the previous games today, but that was small consolation to TL who ended up losing fight after fight. In the end, FW took the win in just 26 minutes with a gold lead of 11.2k.

The crowd were certainly given a treat today with the amount of upsets that occurred (LoL Esports Photos, Flickr)
The crowd were certainly given a treat today with the amount of upsets that occurred (LoL Esports Photos, Flickr)

EVOS Esports – Kingzone DragonX

Looking to make up for their earlier performances, both teams came out strong in this match. EVS picked up first blood to kick things off, though KZ quickly responded with kills of their own. Both teams continued to trade kills and objectives while looking for some kind of major advantage, though it would finally come with a team fight at Baron that saw EVS secure the buff, but lose almost their entire team in the process. This was the opening that KZ needed, allowing them to begin to build a lead after both bases were cracked open. KZ proved to have the better base defence, and would ultimately close out the game in 33 minutes with the gold lead of 9.5k.

Flash Wolves – Royal Never Give Up

With both teams riding the high of an earlier victory, it was inevitable that one would have to face the reality of defeat. FW got off to an excellent start after picking up first blood, and continued to build a lead from there on out. Eventually RNG was able to pick up some kills and objectives, but the superior map rotations from FW allowed them to build a lead and create space for themselves, ultimately becoming too much for RNG to handle. By the matches end, FW had accumulated a gold lead of 8k and closed out the match in just 31 minutes.

Fnatic – Team Liquid

The final match of the day was the hotly anticipated showdown between the two Western teams of this tournament. FNC picked up an early first blood, but TL were able to respond with kills of their own in short order. FNC’s tactic of map control and pack roaming proved a bit too much for TL to handle, allowing them to start to build a lead for themselves. The teams continued to trade kills and objectives through the mid game as TL tried to stay relevant, however FNC ultimately proved too strong once they started to build their lead, and ended the game at 30 minutes with a gold lead of 10.3k to put the EU LCS ahead of the NA LCS so far.

With day two now done and dusted, the leading teams of the event have started to pull away from the competition. There’s still time for the other teams to catch up though, making this event a must see for fans of the game. For more on when the next set of matches will be played, check out the Official Schedule page, here, and for more on which match to focus on, check out the match to watch for day three, here.


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