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Fortnite Season 4 Week 3: Salty Springs Treasure Map Location & Guide

The map this time is found in Salty Springs but the treasure is far, far away. We've got the exact location right here.

We’re into the third week of Fortnite’s season four, and everyone’s finally learnt all the new locations on the map and just how crazy useful hop rocks can be. It also means a new week of challenges is here, and this week’s treasure map can be found in Salty Springs, but the treasure is a fair distance away from that. You can see the location in the header image above, and check out the map below which has the exact location of the treasure marked in red:

Look for the big tree south of the eastern bandstand, then walk west to find the treasure.

If you can’t make it out, head to the racetrack west of Retail Row, north of Moisty Mire or south of Lonely Lodge. The treasure can be found just west of the big tree, south of the eastern bandstand.

Another challenge this week requires players to get three kills in Tilted Towers, which of course means the city block is going to be bustling with activity and even more of a hotspot than it usually is. If you’re struggling, we’ve got a few tips for you:

Make sure you’re landing directly on top of a gun, don’t bother going for shields or healing items straight away.

Try landing through one of the side windows on the bigger buildings rather than directly at the top.

Place any traps you find instantly as players won’t be checking for them this early on.

Stick to corners and try not to shoot out of windows as you can be picked off easily by players elsewhere.

Throw grenades down staircases and into rooms to flush players out.

With enough trial and error, three kills at Tilted Towers shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you get a close quarters weapon. If you’re struggling to find 10 rubber duckies this week, check out our other guide on the front page, and keep your eyes peeled for the guide to the hidden battle pass tier this week.

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