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Rumor: Alleged Nintendo E3 Leak, Fortnite, F-Zero, & Punch-Out On Switch

A photo of two printed lists shared on Facebook suggest that Nintendo at E3 could involved a port of the popular Fortnite, a triumphant return of F-Zero, and a new Punch Out game. We dissect the rumor.

A couple printed lists have been shared online that further stir the rumors surrounding Nintendo and their E3 presence. While most of this list should be taken with a grain of salt, if parts of this rumor is real it could lead to a bright future for Nintendo players.

Again, we cannot stress enough on the fact that until confirmed by Nintendo themselves, these listings should be taken entirely as rumor.

Also these rumors will likely increase in frequency until E3, as they always do, even though we are really excited at the idea of Pokemon going back to Kanto for the Switch release as rumored

What we have presented in these rumors are supposedly the schedules for the video presentation that’s typically known as the Nintendo Direct and the schedule for the Nintendo Treehouse coverage. Let's dissect what is plausible and what is just plain silly. 

This first image names a couple things that we haven’t seen elsewhere like Punch-Out!! Become the Champion and F-Zero SX. These are both franchises that would make a great transition to the new console, especially since it has been quite some time since the last F-Zero game.

We also have ports of Fortnite, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus listed here which would make a lot of sense. Fortnite and Dragon Ball FighterZ both use the Unreal Engine, which supposedly offers a lot of ease when it comes to bringing games in that engine to Switch. At least if what many indie devs were saying at PAX East in 2017 was true. Of course, Wolfenstein II had already been confirmed, but won’t be releasing until July 29th, so it makes sense for it to be more of a sizzle reel game.

The real glaring hole in this list is the title, Yoshi’s Flipping Island, which would just not pass Nintendo’s quality assurance teams.

Overall, there are elements of this list that are plausible, but there is little chance that it is entirely accurate.

This next list goes into more detail about what will be shown at the Nintendo Treehouse, as well as who will be there to show it. This list is probably less likely than the first due to the extra details, but it would be wild to see things come to fruition. Also there is no mention of the new president, Shuntaro Furukawa, who should make an appearance of some kind at E3. 

A couple things make sense and truth be told, even a remake of Link’s Awakening is plausible. We’ve seen Nintendo surprisingly put some games on the 3DS that would probably do extremely well on the Switch. For example, Metroid: Samus Returns likely would have been amazing and we would likely have seen more speedruns of that game as a result. Even Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga would be a welcome addition.

It’s also important to note that Samus Returns was announced during the Treehouse, not even an hour after the initial Nintendo Direct. Maybe Nintendo wants to follow a similar pattern.

Again on this list though, Yoshi’s Flipping Island, which just gets funnier the more we think about it.

Even a port of the arcade version would be solid for Switch.
Even a port of the arcade version would be solid for Switch.

Now, while a lot of this is likely false, a few of these games would be pleasant surprises. We already have the arcade version of Punch-Out!! on Switch and being able to take Little Mac through the ranks on the go would be killer. Add in a time attack leaderboard or challenges and there is potential for some serious competition there. 

F-Zero would be a similar feeling, but being able to race other Switch players anywhere would be awesome. Plus, since Nintendo seems keen on esports offerings with Nintendo VS, adding another racing title would make sense as Nintendo continues to try and break into the potential of esports.

We already knew about Metroid Prime and Fire Emblem getting new titles soon.

While there isn’t a lot here that should be taken to heart, it will be fun to see which rumors ended up having some truth to them when the fun begins on June 12th. Keep an eye on official announcements regarding E3 on the official Nintendo website.

Truthfully we are most excited to see the competitive side of Nintendo at the various tournaments, especially when considering their lack of support in games like Super Smash Bros Melee in console generations prior. Either way, Smash Bros will likely make waves when new details arise, just as we saw for the announcement. 

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