Houston Outlaws Steal Victory Away From the Boston Uprising

Zac Cameron,

May 18, 2018 8:25 PM

The Houston Outlaws have done it again, stealing the victory away from the Boston Uprising 3-1 to set up an excellent start to their Stage 4 progress.

Yet another victory for the Houston Outlaws as they lay down the metaphorical law on their opponents, the Boston Uprising. It may not have been as one sided as the previous series, but the Houston Outlaws were still able to put on a good showing as they took down the Boston Uprising 3-1. Here’s a brief breakdown of the series.

The first map, King’s Row, was a chance for both teams to show they’d been practicing in the off-season. Boston took the first attack, and found themselves hitting a wall of green as Houston defended the first point with gusto. Despite their best efforts, Boston could only secure 60.3% of the point before the time ran out, leaving an easy mark for Houston to reach. The attack from Houston was more successful, as though Boston did put up a fight, the Outlaws were able to reach the required capture percentage with plenty of time to spare, claiming the first map.

The second map, Hanamura, was another chance for Houston to show off their offensive capabilities. Boston’s first attack was successful to a point, as they captured the first point before looking to the second. The second point proved more elusive, as the Houston defence stepped up their game in an effort to stop Boston. The defence managed to do most of their job, as though Boston did capture a large percentage of the point, they were unable to fully secure it before the time ran out. The attack from Houston was as ruthless as it was quick, as they rapidly secured the first point before moving on to attack the second, leaving Boston with little breathing space. Houston managed to secure the second point with minutes to spare as they claimed a dominant map two victory.

The third map, Oasis, was a tense three round affair. Boston were only able to secure 50% of the first point before Houston stole the show to gain an early lead. The second round was almost the opposite, with Houston only able to capture 74% before being driven off and the point captured by Boston. The third and final round saw Boston dominate comparatively, as Houston could only capture 18% before being wiped away, as Boston claimed the third map and kept their series hopes alive.

The fourth map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, once again saw Houston step up their game. Boston’s attack was only able to advance the payload through the first checkpoint, being stopped around half way to the second point as time slowly ran out. The Outlaws attack was much cleaner, pushing the payload through the first checkpoint and reaching the required distance with time to spare as they looked for an easy series win.

Houston have wrangled another victory in the Overwatch League, setting their sights on the Stage 4 finals. For more on when these teams will clash again, check out the official schedule page, here, and for more Overwatch League action, check out the match recap from earlier today, between the Dallas Fuel and the Los Angeles Gladiators, here.


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