Ethan Must Run - An Impressive Resident Evil 7 Speedrun

Alex McCumbers,

February 7, 2018 11:30 AM

One of the biggest challenges in Resident Evil 7 is the Ethan Must Die DLC. Mastering random drops and brutal difficulty, speedrunners have made things look way easier than they actually are.

While I missed playing the game when it came out, I recently spent a couple days going through Resident Evil 7 and I am completely blown away. I had just beaten the game and was exploring the DLC (as I had purchased the Gold Edition for all of the goodies) when I came across one titled Ethan Must Die. This particular DLC episode is one of the most challenging parts of the complete Resident Evil 7 experience and I could not even survive for five minutes, let alone completing a run. A speedrunner by the name of Rossrossy though completely destroyed it.

The Ethan Must Die challenge has quite a bit of chance in it. Item drops are randomized and can even be explosive if not checked carefully. Not to mention their spawn locations can also be random. Luckily, enemies and traps are fixed, so the routing of the episode can be fairly consistent. The seriously tough part of this mode is that the player can die to even the basic enemies in a couple hits. Dying puts one back to the beginning, with a statue left behind on where the player died that drops a single item when broken.

Runner Rossrossy actually does his run without the aid of those statues, meaning less setup time and more headaches. His seven minute and 50 second run in the video above contains a masterful share of dodging, knifework, enemy baiting, and more. He uses a lot of the traps as weapons to easily break through certain areas that most players would probably find overwhelming on their first, second, or even tenth runs, and he makes it look easy.

This is a challenge that takes not only skill, but perseverance with possible doom around every corner. Nothing in this episode was made for the player to feel powerful and everything is out to destroy Ethan. Being one of the few to actually complete a run even, that’s special and worthy of celebrating, let alone being the fastest at it.

At the end of the day, it's good to know that the challenge was not only possible, but can be fairly optimized. Like many horror game speedruns, overcoming Resident Evil 7 in this fashion is likely super satisfying to pull off. 

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