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Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Guide: Gravity Stones, Greasy Grove Treasure Map

Here are our guides to completing Fortnite's challenges in week 5, season 4.

Fortnite's weekly challenges tend to get leaked early every week, and this week was no different. We found out a few days ago that players will need to search seven gravity stones, follow the treasure map found in a Greasy Grove, and get two kills with a minigun or light machine gun. Everyone was expecting the challenges to release today, but players were greeted with the challenges being stuck on 0 seconds. In a tweet earlier today, Epic announced that the challenges would be delayed until Thursday morning instead. Thanks to FortniteTracker.com though, we can start preparing for the challenges already.

Fortnite's week 5 challenges thanks to FortniteTracker.

In preparationfor Thursday morning, we've created this article to link both of our Fortnite week 5 challenge guides:

Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location Guide

Search Gravity Stones Guide

Bookmark this page and keep your eyes peeled on Thursday morning when we'll update this with both links to our guides to help you through Fortnite's week five challenges. They're going to be live at 1am PDT/4am EDT/9am BST/10am CET.

In other Fortnite news, update v4.3 should be live tomorrow or Thursday, and will bring with it the addition of Shopping Carts. We're unsure how they work yet, but the splash screen mentions needing someone to push you, so good luck getting them to work in solos. Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag has also confirmed that 100Thieves will be entering the competitive Fortnite scene.

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