The League of Legends University Championship Kicks Off This Week.

Zac Cameron,

June 4, 2018 7:55 PM

The best student-athletes in the North American League of Legends scene will be clashing as a part of the LoL College Championships this week.

The top eight university teams will be competing this week in the League of Legends College Championships, after months of grueling competition. In a competition traditionally dominated by Canadian colleges, the teams from the United States have a real shot at sweeping the standings. A field of 300 teams have been narrowed down to just 8 teams, so let’s get cracking and see who has made it thus far.

(Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed the University of Ottawa as the sole remaining Canadian team. This has been corrected and we wish to apologize for the misinformation provided.)

Maryville University

These are the defending champions, back to cause ruckus and mayhem as they look for their second championship trophy. If they can pull it off, they will walk away as heroes to their region, and potentially a look-in for some professional organizations.

University of California, Irvine

Not seen in the competition since 2014, UC Irvine have managed to claw their way back into the competition and set themselves up well, earning the number 2 seed for the event. Already well known for being the first Division 1 School to open up a varsity League of Legends program, UC Irvine are set to stake their claim on the title.

Western University

A deceptively strong team, Western University managed to amass an undefeated season despite many feeling they were a particularly weak squad. With the record behind them, Western University look to prove why they should be considered a top team.

University of Texas at Dallas

This squad have a lot to be proud of, being the driving force behind their University announcing that they will be heading up a varsity esports program in 2019 with the same level of support as any other varsity program on campus. They could rest easy after effectively paving the way for future esports student-athletes, however I have a hunch they’re not quite finished yet.

The bracket has set up some very exciting matches
The bracket has set up some very exciting matches

Columbia College

Starting early and building from the ground up, Columbia College have had their investments in esports pay off with this squad, jam packed with skilled players ready to take the next step. A victory here would be an excellent boost to their record.

University of Maryland

Another team with an impressive background, the squad from the University of Maryland have yet to claim the main event, something they’re desperate to correct. The line-up they’ve combined for this series is certainly up to the challenge, giving them a fighting chance at taking it all.

University of Ottawa

Quickly rising up the rankings to become a highly feared team in the North American Collegiate scene, the University of Ottawa has a reputation of taking every match as seriously as the next, relying on pure skill and preparation to win games rather than surprise picks and sneaky strats.

University of Illinois

Constantly striving for victory, yet never quite sticking the landing, the squad from Illinois are coming into this event with something to prove. If they can take down the big teams, that should garner them the prestige they desire as they chase the championship with fervor.

You can catch all the action on Riot Games main Twitch account, here, with all the action streamed live as it happens. This collegiate competition isn’t the only big news coming out this week, with PlayVS raising a lot of new funding as they gear up to start their high school esports competition.


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