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Cardi B Accidentally Gives a Shout-out To Esports Organization for Rita Ora's Latest Single

In promoting her latest collaboration single, Cardi B accidentally tagged the wrong person on Twitter, resulting in a lot of attention for the esports Organization SetToDestroyX.

Many fans of the rapper/pop star Cardi B were surprised and a little puzzled after the artist accidentally linked the wrong twitter account while promoting the music video for the single ‘Girls’. The Tweet in question tagged Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, and in a case of mistaken identity, SetToDestroyX owner StDxCharlie, rather than Charli XCX.

The Canadian esports organization is well known for their performance in titles such as the H1Z1 Pro League and NHL, though the apparent step towards the music industry is a little surprising to fans. Thankfully all involved took the mistake gracefully, with Charli XCX playing along with the mistake.

The esports organization is taking the unexpected attention in their stride, enjoying the unexpected but not unwelcome spotlight from fans of the artists.

The organization has been doing well in their esports endeavors lately, with their H1Z1 Pro League team remaining on top of the standings after eight hard weeks of competition. There’s currently no news on when the organization will be dropping their first solo album, but we’ll be sure to cover its launch whenever it does arrive.

(Banner image via NME)

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