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Tiny Build Jabs at Fortnite and Battle Royale with Secret Neighbor Reveal

E3 is off to a good start with EA showing off some some footage of Anthem yesterday and now with tinyBuild taking jabs at the industry in song and revealing a multiplayer Hello Neighbor spinoff called Secret Neighbor.

Taking pages out of last year’s Devolver Digital press conference, tinyBuild put out their conference with a meta presentation that mocks Fortnite, pay-to-win trends, and releasing games without them being finished. Needless to say, it’s a hilarious way to start out E3.

This was all framed as a pre-recorded song about tinyBuild being forced to make the greatest game in the world. This leads to a song with references to Fortnite and even Dr DisRespect’s likeness shows up and revealed to be the one pressuring tinyBuild.

All of this buildup and fun poking led to Secret Neighbor, which looks to be a multiplayer game that takes place in the Hello Neighbor universe featuring a group of players going through spooky environments with one player being the evil Neighbor in disguise. This could be an exceptional take on their popular game and seems to hearken back to the popular tabletop game Secret Hitler, in which one player is the nasty titular bad guy and the other players have to either find out who it is before bad things happen.

Even young children seem to love horror games like Hello Neighbor, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. This is probably due to Game Theory being incredibly popular, but if tinyBuild can continue making games that even kids enjoy, then they are targeting an audience that has way more free time, at least generally more so than working adults.

All in all, this humor was spot on and showed off an interesting project. That and we can’t get that damn song out of our heads now, so good show tinyBuild.

Find out more about tinyBuild on their official website.

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