Crackdown 3 to Land February 2019

Zac Cameron,

June 10, 2018 12:24 PM

The long awaited sequel finally gets a schedule to arrive on the Xbox.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally going to get our hands on Crackdown 3. With a snazzy new trailer revealed at the Xbox conference at E3 2018, Crackdown 3 is set to land in February of 2019. It’s hard to know right now whether we’ll be playing as Commander Isaiah Jaxon, the tall, strong, Terry Crews character we see in the trailer, or if he’ll be a guiding NPC for the characters we create, but either way, here’s some of the madness we witnessed at the reveal:

  • Throwing a tank at some kind of futuristic helicopter
  • Transforming a car from a road vehicle, to one that can apparently drive up a building, and then later turning it into a tank
  • A ton of soldiers being blown up in various ways
  • The character evolving into a better version of himself through the collectables we remember from the previous games
  • The ability to tether two enemies together, and presumably tether enemies to other objects
  • Some kind of possibly villainous matriarch figure piloting a giant robot snake
  • A ton of vehicles and mechs being destroyed

Overall, it was a trailer very reminiscent of the first game. The first Crackdown featured co-op multiplayer, so that friends could team up to clean up the city together, while the second game expanded on that by allowing up to four players to team up and wreak havoc upon their enemies. We don’t yet know if Crackdown 3 will feature similar multiplayer action, but at this stage Microsoft would have to be mad not to have it in some form.

For more on what Microsoft had to offer at their E3 press conference, check out the sneak peek we got of the upcoming Bandai Namco creation, Jump Force, here.


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