Three Gears of War Games Announced at E3, Gears 5, Pop, and Tactics

Alex McCumbers,

June 10, 2018 4:00 PM

At the Microsoft E3 press conference, two spinoff Gears of War titles were announced alongside a new core entry to the series in Gears 5.

We recently got word that there would be three new Gears of War games would be announced at E3. The basic line of logic pointed to a Gears 5 and then hints at two more sequels. Not only did we get a confirmation of Gears 5, which looks to be an emotional, hard-hitting take on the world of a ravaged planet and survivors, but we also got a light hearted mobile game and a tactics game.

So let’s start with the reveals as they were announced. Gears Pop is a Pop collectibles take of the series, adding what seems like a humorous juxtaposition of Gears’ usual grit and gore with a more cutesy look. It’s apparently coming to mobile devices in 2019 and it could be a fun distraction. Yet, it has the potential to be the multiplayer fix while on the go. As of now, we have yet to learn what type of game it is though. 

Gears Tactics looks like X-Com was reskinned as Gears of War with a few differences here and there. Either way, there has always been a tactical approach to Gears of War combat, so it makes sense to make a full tactics game.

Finally, we got a cutscene from Gears of War 5, showing Kait struggling with the death of a comrade and having a bad feeling about something to come. This leads to a journey assisted by Marcus Fenix through lush environments, adding some much needed color to the look of the shooter series. We did some gameplay as well, which looks a little bit more deliberate than last enemies. Players will be able to tackle the game solo or in co-op (either locally or online) and be able to experience each game mode in 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR at 60 frames per second. Gears 5 is coming to Xbox One in 2019. 

Microsoft have brought a ton of game announcements and we haven’t even scratched the surface on most of them. All in all, this is a cool time to be a Gears of War fan.

Below is the full Xbox Conference. The Gears stuff hit towards the end. We'll add the official trailers as they are uploaded. 


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