Who Won the Fortnite Pro-Am? Ninja: "We Knew We Had a Good Shot"

Nicholas Barth,

June 13, 2018 10:49 AM

Who won the Fortnite Pro-Am? Ninja and Marshmellow were able to take home the grand prize of $1,000,000 for charity and the Fortnite Pro-Am golden pickaxes.

One of the most anticipated and largest events at E3 2018 took place yesterday in the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am that saw 50 influencers from the online world and 50 celebrities from the professional sports, music and acting industries and paired them up in 50 duo teams in the ultimate celebrity Fortnite deathmatch competition. 

With a $3,000,000 prize pool up for grabs that would be rewarded to the Fortnite Pro-Am competitors' charities of choice, the pressure was on to see each of the 50 teams duke it out for the Fortnite Pro-Am grand prize of $1,000,000. 

In an adrenaline pumping game three, streaming extraordinaire Tyler "Ninja" Belvins and EDM musician Marshmellow were able to capture the game three victory royale and the $1,000,000 grand prize for each of their respective charities. However, it was not an easy road to the Fortnite Pro-Am Championship for Ninja and Marshmellow, as both Ninja and Marshmellow had suffered an early defeat in the first solos warm-up match, and ultimately the duo of Ninja and Marshmellow came up second in the first duos match of the Fortnite Pro-Am to streamer Kinstaar and OpTic Gaming member and mixed martial artist Sean O'Malley.

Ninja and Marshmellow finished the third and most important match of the Pro-Am with eight eliminations. In the post match interview with YouTuber iJustine, Ninja stated that while the he and Marshmellow knew they had a very strong chance of taking home the Fortnite Pro-Am Championship due to the commitment shown to practice by the teammate of Ninja, Marshmellow.

"Never going to say that we knew we were going to win, but we knew that we had a good shot. All of Marshmellow's management was like 'He is playing more Fortnite than he is making music, so you guys should do well'," said Ninja. "We had a couple games and hours of practice before, and we knew what we wanted to do, and we just stuck to it, and it worked out." 

With $3,000,000 given to charity, and a victory by Ninja and Marshmellow cementing the Fortnite Pro-Am festivities, it is safe to say that Epic Games and its popular battle royale title have had a very strong E3 2018 so far. 

(cover photo courtesy of ESPN)


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