Nintendo And Microsoft Take A Dig At Sony With Minecraft Crossplay Trailer

Ford James,

June 21, 2018 9:08 AM

Sony must be feeling the pressure as Microsoft and Nintendo have joined forces to create a trailer for crossplay in Minecraft that shows both systems playing together.

When Fortnite launched on the Nintendo Switch during E3 earlier this month, players who had used their Epic account on PlayStation 4 were faced with the cruel reality that Sony are blocking crossplay with Nintendo and Microsoft. The only option to play on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, if you’ve previously played on PS4, is to make a new Epic account.

One of the other immensely popular games among children and adults alike is Minecraft, and it’s available on everything from the Raspberry Pi to the Xbox 360. It’s owned by Microsoft, and it’s another game Sony have refused to co-operate with in terms of crossplay. Microsoft and Nintendo have stepped up their game and are almost flaunting it in Sony’s face with this latest trailer:

It shows two friends playing the game together, dashing through the Nether, swimming through the ocean and gliding through the air. One is on the Xbox and is wearing green to represent her system of choice in-game, while her friend is on a Switch and is donning a red outfit. The two are meant to represent Xbox and Nintendo, showing that they’re good friends. A blue character to represent Sony is notably missing.

Sony have been feeling the heat since the Fortnite fiasco, and this will no doubt pressure them even further to start supporting crossplay on two of the world’s biggest games at the moment. You can read more on the situation that arose during E3 here, and in other Nintendo Switch news, ZeRo won the Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 2018.


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