GTL: Overwatch Update Leaves Trolls to Rot

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

July 2, 2018 2:35 PM

New Overwatch updates include social features like endorsements and a "Looking for Group" feature as Blizzard practices positive reinforcement. Plus, the reveal of Hero 28 (aka Wrecking Ball) is a big surprise for fans, but it's not without controversy. With continued Meta changes, like the Symmetra rework and major map updates, players and onlookers are eager to see how these adjustments will affect Overwatch League.

Overwatch has been given something of a small makeover in the last few days, with changes to several heroes on both the PTR and Live servers as well as changes to maps and balance patches keeping things fresh. Are these changes exactly what was needed, or is Blizzard going overboard with their updates? On this episode of Game Talk Live, Host Mandie Roman covers these topics and more alongside her panel of experts, this week joined by Sofia Hariz, Courtney Williams, and Matt Buchholtz.

The panel starts the show by discussing the new endorsements feature that allows players to reward each other for good sportsmanship, being a good teammate, and for good shotcalling. The panel looks at whether this has had the impact on the community that the Overwatch team wanted, before looking at whether fake positivity is as good as real positivity.

The panel then looks at the new matchmaking feature, and how it can tie in to the new wave of positivity brought in by the endorsement system. The panel discusses the different levels of specificity players can utilize in filtering their teammates, as well as the impact this new system will have on “one-tricks”.

The discussion turns to the recent map reworks, and how Blizzard is keeping the game fresh for the players. The panel talks on the importance of map variety, as well as the effects that the recent hero changes have had in terms of shaking up the Meta.

The panel then looks at the newest hero now playable on the PTR, and how he might fit into the current game. Has Blizzard gone too far in terms of making “Quirky and Unique Characters”, or will he fit in with the rest of the cast. The panel also looks at the teases prior to his reveal, and whether Blizzard have learned their lesson from previous reveals.

Finally, the panel looks at the hero reworks that have been done and are planned, and how they’ll change the game. Will the upcoming hero changes be too drastic on the current Meta, or will players be able to adapt quickly enough. The panel also looks at the rate of hero reworks compared to new characters, and what that means from a content perspective.

This episode of Game Talk Live has ended, but you can catch the episode in its entirety in the video above. Be sure to catch the previous episode as well where the team talks about Fortnite and its effect on younger players.


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