How to Change Servers in Fortnite to Get Playground Mode

Nicholas Barth,

July 3, 2018 12:02 AM

Epic Games is beginning to roll out the highly anticipated Plaground Limited Time Mode for certain regions, and we have the details on how to change servers in Fortnite to get into the Playground mode action.

UPDATE: 7/2/2018 - 6:36 PM PST

According to player reports, the Playground LTM looks to be available across all servers. However, there has yet to be official confirmation of the availability of the new mode from Epic Games. 

Original Story

The return of the highly anticipated Playground Limited Time mode has finally begun, as Epic Games has started to roll out the Playground mode for Fortnite for Europe, Brazil, Asia, Oceania and North America -East regions. Players in these regions can now queue up to the play Playground mode on Fortnite. 

However, if you are not in one of these regions, do not worry, as a simple change of your Fortnite server to Europe, Brazil, Asia, Oceania or North American-East regions will allow you to start your adventure in the private island action that the new playground mode offers. 

How to Change Servers in Fortnite
(Source: Epic Games)

How to Change Servers in Fortnite to Get Playground Mode

In order to change servers in Fortnite, you must head to your settings and select the region option. One you are in the region section, you are then given the ability to change the server that your matchmaking region will use. Change it to one of the regions that the new mode is currently available in, and you will be able to start playing. 

How to Change Servers in Fortnite
(Source: Fortnite Intel)

Epic Games has also taken to the official Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit and given an update on the roll out for the playground LTM on Fortnite for multiple regions and servers that is taking place currently. 

"We’ve completed our testing process for the improvements to our matchmaking services and are deploying servers that will bring back the Playground LTM.

 You may notice that some regions or platforms gain access to this LTM before others, this is intentional and allows us to gradually open this game mode up to ease stress on all relevant backend services. This process may take some time. But get those creative ideas ready, our aim is to have this fully available to all players later tonight. We're going to closely monitor our stability over this time.

 We’ll provide another update once we have more information."

It remains to be seen which remaining regions and servers will be granted access to the playground LTM on Fortnite first. However, Epic Games looks to be rolling out the new mode one region at a time in order to avoid the matchmaking and server issues that have prevented the mode from being implemented on its original scheduled date. 

We will update this article with more regions that players can change their servers to on Fortnite that have the Playground mode available to play as they are made available. 

(cover photo courtesy of Epic Games)


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