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Harry Kane Says England Are "Playing More Fortnite Than Ever" At World Cup

England are looking at their most successful World Cup in decades, and the squad are playing Fortnite when they're not on the pitch.

Last night saw England take on Colombia in Moscow and it was truly nail-biting. Whether you were supporting The Three Lions or not, the game had everything and truly went down to the wire. England emerged victorious, taking the penalty shootout 4-3. Harry Kane scored one penalty in the second half then another in the shootout, but his practice hasn’t solely been kicking a ball around.

In an interview with the BBC, Kane claims there’s a number of players in the team that enjoy playing Fortnite and that their World Cup 2018 experience in Russia is more akin to a lads holiday than the stress-inducing football tournament. “[Fortnite] passes the time quite well, so there are quite a few of us just playing a few games of that,” he told Gabby Logan. When asked if he’s playing more Fortnite than ever, he said “Probably, yeah. The missus is going to have a bit of a shock when I get home, probably.”

He’s not the first England star to publicise his Fortnite habits either. Back in April, Kane’s Tottenham Hotspur and England pal Dele Alli streamed Fortnite on Twitch, and at the start of May, Kane, Alli and Kieran Trippier teamed up with Ninja for another Fortnite stream. You can check out the video of that below, or in other Fortnite news, exclusive skins to celebrate the Fourth of July are now available.

(Header image courtesy of The Independent.)

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