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Capcom Creating New IP And Esports Platform, But What Are They? (Updated)

Capcom is looking for talented professionals to help in the development of a new and original IP, while also looking to expand their foothold in the world of esports, hints Capcom VP of Product Development.

Capcom is the company behind some of the biggest titles in the video game industry, such as the Street Fighter franchise. Street Fighter is a legendary franchise in the fighting game esports scene and It looks as though Capcom is working to add even more to the esports world, while at the same time making moves to begin the process of creating another game to add to their impressive resume.  

Kirk Black, the Vice President of Product Development for Capcom, posted the following information on his Facebook account today. 

“Recently I joined Capcom Mobile/Beeline as VP of Product Development with the charter to lead the creation of their mobile eSports platform.

I’m creating and leading multiple teams including a server backend team based in Los Angeles and multiple mobile game development teams based in Vancouver and Japan developing established Capcom IPs such as Street Fighter as well as creating new, original Capcom IP.

I'm currently focused on hiring Ruby on Rails engineers (junior, mid and senior level positions) and Dev Ops to join my server backend Platform engineering team in Los Angeles.
Additionally I’m looking for a Server Game Engineer and a Unity Game Engineer for one of my original game content development teams in Vancouver.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me.”

(Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article had Kirk Black's original Facebook post, which has since changed to include the word "mobile" twice, as well as "Capcom Mobile/Beeline". Our changes reflect this change.)

A Capcom owned and ran esports platform could dramatically change the Street Fighter esports scene as we know it. The creation of their own esports platform could also be giving a hint to what this new and original Capcom IP might be. If Capcom is working towards creating their own esports platform then it is entirely possible that this new IP could be a title developed specifically for esports and will be the main star of their new platform. This new IP could also join Capcom's list of games that include the likes of non esports titles, such as the Dead Rising and Resident Evil franchises. 

When Twin Galaxies reached out to Kirk Black to ask about Capcom's esports platform and new IP, he responded "That's all I can say for now."  

Capcom is most likely wanting to keep the details of these two major projects under wraps for the time being, but now fans from around the world will be curious to see what these two future projects will entail.

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