Fortnite Season 5 Removes Default Skin Option, No-Skin No Longer Possible

Ford James,

July 12, 2018 2:48 AM

It's now impossible to fool players in Fortnite with your default skin as the no-skin is no longer a thing unless you don't own any skins at all.

Something experienced Fortnite players love to do is disguise themselves with the default skin, to bait their opponent into thinking they’re a noob. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t but the “no-skin” became incredibly popular during season four, even for players who owned a lot of prestigious outfits. In season five however, that’s no longer possible - if you own  at least one skin, you’re required to use it rather than going without and using the default.

The default skin in-game. Image courtesy of GameHag.

This is a new introduction with season five, although it may be a bug, Epic are yet to comment. For the time being however, you’ll have to roll with one of the many outfits the game has offered in the past. Our outfit of choice is currently the Finesse Finisher, complete with Rex backbling and the England kit, but many players will be opting for one of the new battle pass skins such as Drift or Huntress.

In other season five Fortnite news, you can see all of the leaked upcoming skins here, along with backblings, gliders, emotes and more. If you’re unable to play right now but want to know what changes have been made, check out our round-up of the patch notes, and you can read more on how to play golf, basketball and volleyball in-game here.

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