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Nintendo Direct Leak Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3, Funko Pop, Super Mario Maker

This Nintendo rumor is massive and we've unpacked it for you here, including details on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, New Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and so much more. Holy crap, it's a lot.

Update: July 22nd, 11:45 PM EST - Rumor busted?

As of yet, there's no Nintendo Direct, but we must not give up hope. There's still three hours, if you count Pacific Time. And even then, maybe the date was wrong. We're not in denial. You are!

It's another day, so of course there's another Nintendo rumor. This time, we have a ton to unpack from this 4Chan post, potentially verifying/confirming a prior rumor that a "mini direct" would be in July. This rumor claims it'll be a 30-minute Nintendo Direct taking place on Sunday, July 22, 2018. As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt until it happens, but there's a ton of possibility here and there's a lot of positive potential. Some of the games are potentially real zeroes in possibility, but we are here to unwrap all of it and say if it's possible or not. As for how we're looking at it right now, we're just going to go on down the list and talk about each one.

It's for 4Chan, but that hasn't stopped them from being correct in the past. So, leave to stone un-turned!
It's for 4Chan, but that hasn't stopped them from being correct in the past. So, leave to stone un-turned!

Funko: Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda

Right out the gate, the fact that they bring up the Funko line of merchandise has a ton of credence as of this week. Earlier today, a Pikachu Funko Pop was leaked and then officially announced as a "Target Exclusive". Having this established now means more Pokemon would be coming. This rumor goes one further by saying that Pokemon would be joined by both Super Mario and Zelda Merchandise.

This could have been announced to put out the fire of the leak that happened earlier in the day.
This could have been announced to put out the fire of the leak that happened earlier in the day.

Normally, Funko announces new licenses through their own blog and social media, but it would be very Nintendo to want to announce it themselves, especially if they are finally taking this long-awaited big step and had a Nintendo Direct planned anyway.

New Super Mario World

Did we expect Super Mario Odyssey to be the only Mario game on Nintendo's new flagship console? Of course not! In similar fashion to most of their prior consoles, having a 2D Mario game alongside the major 3D Mario title is pretty common faire. With Super Mario 3D Land alongside New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS, as well as New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, we've come to expect this.

Now, the details for this are a tad more in depth than some of the others. But, the new title would be New Super Mario World, keeping with their usual naming scheme on 2D titles. Supposedly, the game resembles the very specific level 5-1 of New Super Mario Bros U (which is Soda Jungle: Jungle of the Giants), which is a pretty good looking generalized level for the game, but it's likely that in this "trailer", that's all they see as the scenery.

(Editor's note: A previous version of this article included a video with New Super Mario Bros Wii, instead of U.)

Returning are Mario, Luigi, and the Blue Toad. The rumor states that Yellow Toad is replaced with Wario, which could provide different styles of gameplay depending on each character (akin to previous titles). 

Super Mario Maker

The next one is a fan favorite that people have been begging for: Mario Maker for the Switch. This doesn't have a ton of detail in the rumor, but it explains that the game comes with a free stylus in the box to make life a ton easier for players that want to get the job done without using their fingers. You can only edit levels in handheld mode, which helps players with precision using that nifty stylus. But, playing the levels can be on handlheld or big screen modes. It may not have a ton of evidence, but Nintendo would be silly to not have one of its most successful games come to the new system.

Super Mario Odyssey

Odyssey doesn't have a lot on the post, but it comes with big implications from past rumors. Yes, there's going to be a new world in the way of Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine. You see, supposedly in promotional art and maps, Isle Delfino, the dolphin-shaped island from Super Mario Sunshine, showed up. Sometime between previous versions and the final game, that island (which was off the north-western coast of the Mushroom Kingdom's island) disappeared. When the game came out in 2017, people were confused at the missing land mass, but noticed that there's a small "dolphin-shaped" indent on the globe that's attached to the Odyssey ship in the exact same place.

Additionally, just in May 2018, "leaked" footage of Super Mario Odyssey showed up online, depicting an area resembling Isle Delfino almost to the exact measure. The footage only lasts for a few seconds, but is clearly set in the Odyssey game with the central square directly ahead as Mario waits patiently for someone to move him. Toads are all over the plaza and Tostarenans (introduced in Odyssey) can be seen in the background. The "Moon" in the level appears to be exactly like Sunshine's weirdly-shaped stars in that game and one is visible in the shot. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Where to start on this one? This has a ton to work with. So, Mario Kart 8 and all of its DLC (plus some) was repackaged for the Switch as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. We didn't expect that this version would get additional DLC, but we suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility. This DLC will include: two New Cups, two new Battle Tracks, and six new playable characters.

The names of the Cups appear to reference both Super Mario Odyssey and Sunshine by being named Top Hat and Shine. This also gives an extra level of prominence to Sunshine if the above Super Mario Odyssey rumor is true as well. Top Hat Cup is shown to have New Donk City (from Super Mario Odyssey), while the Shine Cup has a track called "Waluigi Pinball". The two new battle tracks are the return of the classic Block Fort (originally appearing in Mario Kart 64), and a new one titled Green Greens (which is from Kirby).

Speaking of Kirby, the additional characters include the pink ball of cute himself. Diddy Kong and Funky Kong from the Donkey Kong Country series is also on the list, which makes sense with Tropical Freeze coming the the Switch recently. As for new Mario-based racers, Birdo, Cappy, and Pauline are set to join the races as well. We assume Pauline takes the form of her Odyssey style and Cappy is likely to be the Top Hat form (to make the new Cup's name make sense).

This can be paired with Nintendo's Head of Software Development Shinya Takahashi saying "there will be further updates for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so please look forward to it", which only happened this week. So, we should expect new DLC either way, even if this isn't what it is.

Mother 3D (with Amiibo)

Wow. Nintendo Fans just can't stop talking about their Mother, can they? In this part of the rumor, Mother 3 is getting fully remade with 3D graphics (a la Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby), with "full dialogued cut scenes". Fans have long awaited just being able to play the Gameboy Advence version with official translations, but a full remake that would come to the west is a coup de grace. In a recent E3 2018 interview, even Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime didn't really say "no".

But wait, there's more! Along with this, Amiibo would be introduced for the series, with Lucas, Kumatora, Boney, Duster, and Masked Man all getting their own Amiibos. It's likely the Lucas one would work in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (or Special in Japan) and all of them would work with the new Mario Maker for special items and costumes.

Mortal Kombat X, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Fallout 76

The next three are rumored to be ports to the Switch here, but we should detail a little more. Mortal Kombat X is a strange one only in the fact that Mortal Kombat XL includes all of the additional characters, but that would mean that MKX would have additional DLC if not.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a bit of a stretch, but the majority of KH games have been on Nintendo consoles in the past, although this is a first for a mainline, numbered addition. Could this mean an eventual port of all of the prior KH games to the Switch as well?

Now, for Fallout 76, this just makes sense. With Skyrim and Wolfenstein II already having made their way onto the Switch as ports, why wouldn't Bethesda work in some more of their love onto Nintendo's console? This is probably one of the most likely items in this entire rumor. Now, what we need to know is if Fallout 76 will have cross-platform play (it likely would) and if Sony will join the other kids during playtime

Minecraft Mash-Up Pack

Minecraft has been on the Switch for quite some time, but the recent physical version and cross-platforming between Nintendo and Xbox means more goodies for all sides. The "Mash-Up Pack" includes some Zelda theme, likely to be skins and items. Everything's better when everyone gets along.

Star Fox Racing

Alright, let's break this one down. Nintendo fans want F-Zero and they also want a well-made Star Fox game. So, let's do both. With James McCloud (Fox's father) being in previous F-Zero games, the crossover is already there.

This rumor started back in May 2018 when Reddit and 4Chan posted about Retro Studios working on a game called Star Fox: Grand Prix. The game would take inspiration from F-Zero, but also from Diddy Kong Racing. It would have an adventure mode and boss fights to boot, as well as a "hub world" (probably Corneria). Retro Studios has worked on the Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country series for Nintendo, but also contributed to Mario Kart 7 on the Wii, so they're more than capable of taking on the Star Fox franchise.

Megaman 11

Going into a game that we already know exists, a new Megaman 11 trailer during the Direct depicts playable Proto-Man, Bass, and Roll. This could lead to different types of gameplay if multiple characters were able to be worked in.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

It wouldn't be right to leave out the Pokemon franchise from the direct so close to release of their new titles. In this past week's trailer, Brock and Misty's gyms are both shown. But, the trailer that is attached to this Direct would show off Lt. Surge and his gym, as well as Pallet Town, Lavender Town, and Saffron City.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was announced during E3 2018, but not much has been said since. This additional post attached to the original says that a "gameplay trailer" would be shown as well during the Direct for the game.

Kirby Star Allies: Dream Friends

This tells a lot, even thought the rumor only says they're announced during the Direct with a release date (which isn't specified). Kirby Star Allies is a Nintendo Switch game already, only coming out March 2018. But, in the game, Dream Friends already exist. They are special allies that can be unlocked, coming from previous Kirby titles via regular updates to the game. In fact, a new update coming July 27, 2018 will add Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, and Adeleine & Ribbon. So, this is likely to be an announcement for a future set of characters being added to the game and nothing more than an update.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Alright, who let in the fake rumor into the pile? Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been in development hell for years since it was announced at E3 2015. Fans were expecting to see it reappear again last month at E3 2018, but were sad to see this one get swept under the rug again. While we wait for a definite answer on when the title is coming, the rumor here just says it's coming to the Switch with no other details.

The scope of work for the supposed episodic title is massive and tech demos of the game show this being the kinda game that needs a little more than "Nintendo Power". While this rumor is unlikely to be true, it's not out of the realm of possibility as the game utilizes Unreal Engine 4. 

Sonic Mania Plus

We all know that Sonig Mania Plus is coming, adding two new playable characters. What we didn't know, according to the rumor, is that Metal Sonic is in development to be playable as well, and the trailer during the Direct is going to show that.


The retro-feeling head-as-hell Cuphead coming to the Switch is very likely, and the rumor says this is for sure. Previously, the game was only on the Xbox One and PC, but with Nintendo and Microsoft flirting so often anymore, this is a likely outcome. During E3 2018, additional content was announced, alongside a new playable character, Ms. Chalice, so this DLC would be easy to slip right into Nintendo's eShop.

Montage: Mario Tennis Aces, Sonic Mania Plus, Rocket League, Owlboy, Bomb Chicken, Camp Camp: Campe Diem, Pool Panic, Buddy Buddiez, and Doshin The Giant HD

Wow, that's a lot in a "near-the-end montage", so let's dive in. The rumor doesn't give any detail of what is seen, so anything here is pure speculation based on the rumor. Mario Tennis Aces starting off is likely just to promote the newly-out game, while Rocket League could have new DLC attached to the trailer being shown off here. Since Sonic Mania Plus already had a trailer earlier, adding them in here could be additional promo filler as well. As for Owlboy, the game has been out since February 2018, so this could be additional content or updates as well.

Nitrome's fun platformer Bomb Chicken came out this week on Nintendo's eShop, but giving it some additional promotion or announcing a future update could happen here. Adult Swim Games' Pool Panic is in the montage as well, which comes out next week and could just be additional paid promotion for the awesomely weird game.

So, the next two are interesting. Buddy Buddiez is some new game that is unannounced and there's no details anywhere on it. But, Camp Camp: Campe Diem is a known thing to anyone that watches the web-based Rooster Teeth shows. Camp Camp, as described by RT's website, is an animated series that "tells the story of Max, a jaded ten year old, who finds himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp run by a shady business mogul who is looking to turn a profit any way he can. The cynical Max will have to survive annoyingly cheerful counselor David, the weird cast of campers, and bizarre surprises at every turn before he can escape for home." This game is completely unannounced and there's zero details about it, but Rooster Teeth Games does exist and has published titles like RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (based on another one of their shows, RWBY) and Battlesloths 2025.

The last item during the montage is Doshin The Giant HD. Originally a Nintendo 64DD title, then eventually a Gamecube game, Doshin never made it to USA during its original release, only going to Japan and the EU. As a "god game", players take on the task of being a "god". Usual tasks include changing the geography and answering the prayers of worshippers. The designer of the original game, Kazotoshi Iida described it in 1999 as a mix between the games "Populus and Mario". This is a very out-of-left-field kind of rumor to come, making it likely to be accurate. So, if the US finally gets to see an HD re-release of the game, we're always for more Nintendo IPs making their way onto the Switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: King K Rool and Dixie Kong

Did you think we were going to get out of a Nintendo Direct without some Super Smash Bros Ultimate? I think not! After the montage, another recent rumor seemingly will come true. In a previous 4Chan rumor, there is supposed to be a July Mini-Direct that announces two new characters for the already massive fighting game. The hints given were "King" and "Ponytail", leading the fanbase to collectively shit-a-brick at the prospect of two long asked for Donkey Kong characters to join the fray: King K Rool and Dixie Kong. 

If this single rumor turns out to be true at all, this opens up the possibilities from the prior rumor as well for just a massive addition to the already complete Smash Bros cast, including characters like Pokemon's "Archer" Decidieye, Castlevania's "Warrior" Simon Belmont, and Super Mario RPG's "Doll" Geno. If nothing else in this rumor is true, but this is, we're in for a hell of a lot of Smash in the coming months. Who knows, maybe even Goku will show up to the fight

Inaddition, "Smash Run" and "Smash Tour" would be revealed as two new modes within the game. Smash Run was a mode exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS version of Smash 4 that involved platforming and pushing through enemies, while Smash Tour, a Mario Party-esque board game, was exclusively for the Wii U version. They would come together as two full modes on the Switch version in this rumor.

The Date: Sunday, July 22, 2018

Alright, so Nintendo doesn't generally do Sunday Directs, which is a starting point for potentially making this entire rumor crumble, but the date could always be wrong. Most Nintendo directs in the past couple years take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so this is likely to be the case for the near-future. But, Nintendo, you've surprised us in the past, so I won't put it past you.

Update (7/14/18):

Someone else on Twitter has added an additional detail to the rumor in the worm of (yes, again) a 4Chan leak. This goes back to Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Special in Japan) with some possible changes to the announcement lineup.

Please, sir, can I have another rumor, sir?
Please, sir, can I have another rumor, sir?

Supposedly, the announcement would happen "in the next few days", which make either the Shonen Jump Victory Festival or the Sunday Nintendo Direct both in the possibilities for this part of the rumor addition. Since Smash Bros leaks were given as "Codenames", they proceeded to make some changes to it. Originally, the July announcements would include the codenames "King" and "Ponytail", leading to many suspecting King K Rool and Dixie Kong (or Shantae) to be the next additions. 

According to the rumor, Ponytail is now being moved to be after the game's release as a free update. Instead, "King" will be joined by "Doll" (Geno?), as well as another codename not mentioned before, "Soul". Fans are slamoring for who Soul could be. Among the answers include Soul from Soul Eater, Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls, Sans from Undertale, or literally anyone from the Soulcalibur series. This would make three additions in July, if so.

In addition, there will be a Nintendo Direct in September, according to the rumor, where the now-older codenames "Warrior" and "Folklore" will be announced, as well as new codename to the rumor, "Fake". There's likely two candidates for "Fake", as Sonic the Hedgehog is known for calling Shadow a "Fake Hedgehog". Shadow would be a slower, but stronger, Sonic Echo Fighter. But, it could also allude to newcomer Mimikyu, from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Some suspect he would play entirely different as Pikachu, having different moves (he is a Ghost/Fairy type after all in the games), but be meant as an echo-like character.

So, what do you think? This was a ton to unload just a month after E3, though, that June Nintendo Direct seems to think it should be called something other than a "Smash Direct". As with all rumors, remember that none of this is confirmed. But, it's sure fun to speculate.

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