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League of Legends Skins: Free Dreadknight Garen, Riot Girl Tristana, & Unchained Alistar Until Aug 1

League of Legends players currently have until August 1st to redeem three free skins for Garen, Tristana and Alistar before they are vaulted, and we have all the details you need to know in order to do so.

Free cosmetic items in the form of skins for League of Legends champions are always a hot commodity. The three items of Dreadknight Garen, Riot Girl Tristana, and Unchained Alistar have been a group of skins that players have had the chance for nothing at all with just a simple like of the League of Legends Facebook page, a follow of the League of Legends Twitter account and a subscription to the League of Legends YouTube channel. 

However, Riot Games has announced that the special social media promotion of the Dreadknight Garen, Riot Girl Tristana, and Unchained Alistar skins will soon be ending, so players now only have a certain amount of time to add the three free skins to their collection before they are vaulted or accompanied by a price tag. 

League of Legends players will have until August 1st to redeem the three free cosmetic items and now visiting the three social channels of Riot Games is no longer necessary in order to acquire the three free skins, as Riot Games has implemented a quick system to award players with all three skins at once by performing the following steps. 

- Go to the homepage of the Support Site

- Click “Login” in the upper right-hand corner

- Enter your account details (the same details you use to log into the client)

- Click on “Contact Support” at the top of the page

- Select “Free Limited Time Promotional Skins: Tristana/Alistar/Garen” in the dropdown

- Check the boxes for the skins you want (or all three)

- Put whatever in the required text boxes since it's all automated. (We just did "Still needed free skins" twice and it worked)

- Click “Submit A Ticket”

- You should soon receive an email from Blitzcrank confirming delivery of the skins. They're automatically added to your account when that email arrives, so refresh your game client and they're there.

Here is the message you will get from Blitzcrank Bot:

"Greetings! I understand you wish for free skins, and indulging this wish fills my circuitry with joy. I have completed your request simultaneously with this conversation, so log into your League account and find yourself more content-rich than before. Naturally, this refers only to Unchained Alistar, Riot Girl Tristana, and Dreadknight Garen. My programming prohibits the granting of content outside of these parameters.

Be advised that my digital merchant stall is purely temporary, and I will not be able to provide these skins after August 1. Inform your companions of my friendly demeanor and rapid service."

(Source: Daily eSports)
(Source: Daily eSports)

Once August 1st passes, Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar will be vaulted and no longer available for players to add to their cosmetic collects. Dreadknight Garen will still be available, but will not be of a free nature anymore, as he will be found in the shop for 975 RP.

With many players perhaps not aware of their ability to acquire these three cosmetic items for completely free by visiting and following the three social media channels of League of Legends, they may likely be ready to utilize the quick and easy system that Riot Games has now implemented to acquire the three free skins before the deadline of August 1st.

Will you be adding Dreadknight Garen, Riot Girl Tristana, and Unchained Alistar to your League of Legends cosmetic collection before the deadline set by Riot Games? Let us know in the comments below!

(cover photo courtesy of Daily eSports)

Narsonas -
I can confirm that sending a support ticket with "Still needed free skins" on a smurf account awarded me with all three skins!
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