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Rift Spawns Fortnite - Locations

Season 5 of the Fortnite challenges has players looking for rifts. Here's all of the rift locations and spawns.

Season 5 for Fortnite has made major changes to the world of the popular battle royale game from Epic Games. From a completely new desert area of the map replacing Moisty Mire to brand new skins, there is plenty of content for players to experience for the duration of Season 5. With the Week 5 challenges, players need to use three rifts so this guide details the spawn points for all possible rifts.

This also includes the additions of the new All-Terrain Kart (ATK) vehicle that is the first squad vehicle in Fortnite and the appearance of rifts around many of the new points of interest on the map that allows for some quick teleportation by players. If you are wondering where you can find the all of the ATK vehicles and rifts, do not worry, as one community member has created a map detailing their most prominent locations. 

Fortnite community member and content creator squatingdog has created and posted a detailed map showing off the locations where the ATK vehicles and rifts are most likely to be located at in any given match. 

Fortnite Season 5 ATK and Rift Locations
(Source: squatingdog)

From the map above, you can see that the new desert area of the map and its prime location of Paradise Palms contain a very large majority of the ATK vehicles and rifts on the map of Fortnite. Other rifts can be found scattered around the map with the majority of the ATK vehicles not found in the desert being located at either Lazy Links or Snobby shores. 

With the ATKS and rifts bringing a new element of transportation to the world of Epic Games' popular battle royale title, knowing the locations of these items can be very beneficial to players, as they can be used in situations to escape a fight that is not going your way or quickly escape the storm. 

Now you will be able to quickly locate one of the many ATK vehicles or rifts throughout the Fortnite Season 5 map and use them to help you and teammates' in your quests to collect as many victory royales as possible. 

(cover photo courtesy of Epic Games)

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