Ninja Plays Fortnite at ESPY Awards with Kevin Knox, Mario Hezonja, Taylor Fritz

Nicholas Barth,

July 17, 2018 2:33 PM

Popular Fortnite Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" is currently at the ESPYS in Los Angeles, California and is playing Fortnite on his stream with the likes of Kevin Knox, Mario Hezonja and Taylor Fritz.

Extremely popular content creator Tyler "Ninja" Belvins from the video game industry is attending the 2018 ESPYS and he is currently playing Fortnite with three professional athletes that consist of New York Knicks NBA players Kevin Knox and Mario Hezonja and United States Tennis Player Taylor Fritz. 

Ninja announced on his Twitter account that he would be attending the 2018 ESPYS and that he would be streaming his game of choice of Fortnite from Los Angeles, California with a whole host professional athlete guests joining him to chase some victory royales. 

An official list of the guests that will be playing Fortnite with Ninja at the 2018 ESPYS has not been announced by the streamer.

As the day goes on, do not be surprised to see even more professional athletes make their way to see the skills of the most popular video game player in the world currently in Ninja. 

This not the first time that Ninja has chased victory royales with professional athletes in Fortnite. The streamer has been known to play with the likes of Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, Minnesota Twins MLB player Trevor May and Tottenham Futbol players Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Kane Trippier.

Due to his famous skill at the battle royale title that has taken over the video game industry, many celebrities and professional athletes have looked to be able to play a game with one of the most popular names in the world currently.

Now, Ninja will be able to add even the names of Kevin Knox, Mario Hezonja and Taylor Fritz to his list of professional athletes he has played Fortnite with at the 2018 ESPYS. 

(cover photo courtesy of Red Bull and ESPN)


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