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NBA 2K League Showcase Tournament - Ft. Dimez, oFAB, Ronnie 2K and More

The NBA 2K League has announced an upcoming showcase tournament that will feature four of the best players in the league and 16 former NBA players and popular NBA 2K influencers.

The NBA 2K League is currently in the midst of its inaugural season, as it looks to make the NBA into a major player in the esports industry. Having already seen three exciting tournaments with three different champions and a regular season full of entertaining action, the league has a had strong start to its young life and will be looking to build upon its success with its newly announced showcase tournament. 

Featuring 20 competitors that consist of four of the league's point guards, two former NBA players and champions and a whole host of high profile influencers from the popular game's community, the NBA 2K League Showcase be taking place at the league's studio in New York City on Thursday, July 26th. 

Viewers will be able to catch all of the action from the highly anticipated event on the official Twitch channel for the NBA 2K League. You can find an embedded version of the stream below. 

A full list of the competitors that will be taking part in the tournament can be found below. 

Robert Horry, Brian Scalabrine, Ronnie 2K, ASAP Twelvyy, Lang Whitaker, Chris Brickley, LostNUnbound, Filayyyy, iPodKingCarter, NickTheBullsFan, Austin Mills. Additionally, four female NBA 2K gamers who will be playing: Chiquita Evans, Wendi Fleming, Unique Moore, Alexandria Jennings.

The four point guards that will be participating in the showcase will be Artreyo "Dimez" Boyd of Mavs Gaming, Albano "oFAB" Thomallari of Celtics Crossover Gaming, Shaka "Yeah I Compete" Browne of Jazz Gaming and Adam "iamadamthe1st" Kudeimati of Knicks Gaming. 

Fans can find the full schedule for the showcase tournament on Thursday, July 26th below as well. 

- 6:00pm Semifinal 1: Team Dimez vs Team oFAB
- 7:00pm Semifinal 2: Team Compete vs Team Adam
- 8:00pm Final: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

With four of the brightest stars in the NBA 2K League leading their teams full of high profile names from the NBA and 2K communities, the showcase tournament is set to provide some very entertaining action for fans. 

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