Ninja Explains the Motivation for His Family Friendly Fortnite Streams

Nicholas Barth,

July 22, 2018 4:38 PM

Fortnite Twitch supertstar Tyler "Ninja" Belvins recently explained the motivation behind his decision for having more family friendly Fortnite stream in an interview with ESPN.

Tyler "Ninja" Belvins is currently regarded as the most popular video game player and content creator in the world at the moment, as his prowess in the world's most popular game of Fortnite Battle Royale has led the Twitch streamer to become a household name. 

Regularly pulling in over 100,000 viewers to every stream, a wide range of viewers can be found watching Ninja collect Victory Royales in highlight fashion. This includes a large community of younger viewers, as Fortnite has become the favorite game of children across the world. Realizing his impact on a younger generation who follow him very closely, Ninja has decided to dedicate a large chunk of his streams to providing a family friendly environment by eliminating his use of swearing. 

During an interview with ESPN at the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament in Chicago, IL on Saturday, July 21st that Ninja hosted with fellow popular Fortnite streamer Ben "DrLupo" Lupo, Ninja explained the motivation behind his approach to providing family friendly Fortnite streams for his younger viewers and their families. 

"I don't think anyone thought that anyone could be at this level. Right. I think that is the most important thing to realize. I am just trying to do everything in my power to make sure I am staying level headed, focused and just being a good role model to a lot of the kids out there and parents who need to see that you can play video games and not be, I don't know, what people think people are when they play video games," said Ninja. 

Ninja and DrLupo with the champions of the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament. Players all of ages turned out for the chance to play against Ninja. (Source: Red Bull)
Ninja and DrLupo with the champions of the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite Tournament. Players all of ages turned out for the chance to play against the two streamers. (Source: Red Bull)

"It is just super important. I mean I never used to obviously because I just didn't realize the impact I had on a bunch of people or you know kids. Once Jess (Ninja's Wife) and I started to stream a lot more and our content was getting out there to more kids, and we were getting bigger with Fortnite, we had a lot of little children coming up to us being like 'Ninja. Ninja. Oh my gosh" that were five, six, seven, eight years old," Ninja continued. "Their parents would come up and be like 'Oh they love watching you all of the time', and I would be like if these guys like watching my stream with some of the stuff that I say, it is super important.

"It's not like I wouldn't say it when I am not streaming, but it is super important. Some parents might not even be able to monitor what their kids are watching, and these are only the good parents coming up to us who know what their kids are watching, so we just felt like it was one hundred percent necessary to do the monitoring for them so that these kids do not grow up listening to someone swear every five seconds," said Ninja.

With a determination to provide a family friendly environment to the stream of the most popular player for the battle royale title of Fortnite that has taken the video game industry, especially for younger generations, Ninja does not look to be falling from the spotlight anytime soon. 

(cover photo courtesy of Red Bull)


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