Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak Points to Geno, K. Rool and More Characters

Nicholas Barth,

July 22, 2018 7:59 PM

A new rumor for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumor is making rounds around the community, as a recent leak points Geno, King K. Rool, Yuri Lowell and other characters joining the Nintendo Switch roster.

The revelation of the announced roster of Super Smash Bros. containing every character that has been on a roster in every previous Super Smash Bros. title has been the driving force behind the community of the popular fighting game franchise from Nintendo speculating what other characters may join the game's list of fighters. 

One of the latest alleged roster leaks that have surfaced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes the way of a post on 4chan that made its way to a Super Smash Bros. discussion group on Facebook that boasts over 40,000 members. This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumor states that the characters of Geno, King K. Rool, Yuri Yowell and Travis Touchdown will be four of the newcomers to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

However, as with any piece of unconfirmed information that has been leaked, this roster leak and rumor should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmation of it comes from an official channel of Nintendo. 

The poster of the alleged roster leak for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate states that the information he states regarding the characters and specific details of their move sets and characteristics came from communication with a member of the graphics team working on the upcoming entry in the popular Nintendo fighting game franchise. 

This latest rumor also states that source from the graphics team of the title did not have any information regarding when the reveals for these leaked characters of Geno, King K. Rool, Travis Touchdown and Yuri Yowell would be or what their trailers will entail. 

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being a very highly anticipated Nintendo title by fans, there have been plenty of roster leaks and rumors regarding what other characters will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch game. Unfortunately, players will have to wait until any official announcements are made by Nintendo until they can get truly excited. 

(cover photo courtesy of TechnoBuffalo)


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