Possible Details About Xbox Scarlett Revealed

Zac Cameron,

July 23, 2018 6:06 PM

Possible details about the next generation Xbox have been revealed, indicating it might function as a streaming service currently called "Scarlett".

Console makers are always planning for the next step in technology, from 8-bit graphics to Virtual Reality, companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo have always pushed the boundaries of what can fit into a small console case. New details have emerged from Thurrott.com that point towards the possibility that Microsoft is actually developing two new Xbox consoles, with one primarily planned to become a streaming platform for games.

Referred to as the Scarlett Cloud, this version of the Xbox would contain the ability to process some of the games locally, while mostly relying on the Cloud for the content to be streamed directly to the console. This would allow the system to handle games that would normally not be considered suitable for streaming, such as fast paced action games and shooters that rely on low latency.

As explained in the article, Microsoft does not typically make a lot of money from their console sales, relying more on games and digital content such as Xbox Live and Xbox Gamepass, so the lowered requirements for the console itself would help keep the overall costs down and potentially increase the viability of the product. The console’s themselves are not expected to arrive anytime soon, with most predicting a 2020 release. However, as technology continues to improve over time, perhaps the challenges that are faced now will have an answer by the time of the next generation’s launch.

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