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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Hadouken Guide For Mega Man X

Want to shoot the legendary Hadouken in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection and take down foes like Ryu in Street Fighter? We've got your covered with this handy guide.

With Mega Man X Legacy Collection blasting its way into our consoles this week, we wanted to make sure that you, loyal reader, were prepared. See, if you’re playing the original Mega Man X for the first time ever in this collection, we have two things to say to you. First, unless you’re under the age of 15 what the heck took you so long? Second, did you know you can unlock an ability that lets X shoot the Hadoken from Street Fighter? If you didn’t, strap in and pay attention to this guide and you’ll have X looking like Ryu in no time.

First, there are a few caveats:

  1. Beat all eight bosses
  2. Obtain all eight Heart Tanks to increase X’s health to maximum
  3. Obtain all four Sub Tanks for backup health. They are found in Spark Mandrill, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, and Armored Armadillo’s stages
  4. Obtain all four Upgrades from their capsules. The capsules are located in Chill Penguin, Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth, and Storm Eagle’s stages

Once you’ve done all of those things, return to Armored Armadillo’s stage with at least four lives (this part is crucial, we’ll explain why in a second). Toward the end of the stage you ride a giant mine cart through a track and out to open sky, dropping you right at the boss room’s door.

Please note: the capsure pictures will NOT be there the first three times you jump to the ledge.

As the cart flies over the pit, dash jump to the ledge pictured above. Once you successfully reach that ledge, jump into the pit and die. That’s right, X has to die in order to obtain the game’s ultimate power. It’s the circle of life.

Repeat this process two more times, hitting the ledge then immediately jumping into the pit to X’s death. On the fourth time jumping to the ledge, the capsule will appear in front of you. Wall jump up to it, approach it, and listen to Dr. Light’s quick speech. Congratulations, you have acquired the most powerful weapon in the game!

Now you’re thinking “okay, I got the Hadouken...how do I use it?” Well’s that simple: the same way you’d use the move in Street Fighter. Press down, then the direction with X is facing and the shoot button to unleash the devastating attack. There is one important stipulation, however: the Hadouken only works at full health. You get it, you lost it, so be careful! The upside though is that this thing will down bosses coming up soon in one or two hits, somake sure not to take a hit.

Now that the power of the Hadouken is in your hands, the first eighth of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection is ready to be completed. Street Fighter’s trademark fireball goes a long way in the final stages of the game, and you’ll be very glad you pursued this hidden weapon...even with the silly pit jumping.

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