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Mega Man X2 Cheats - Legacy Collection: Shoryuken Guide

The Shoryuken, Ryu and Ken's powerful Rising Dragon Punch from Street Fighter, can be found in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection's second game. Use this guide to fire up your Mega Man X2 experience with the deadly attack.

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection puts the entire Mega Man X franchise together in one place, all of its hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and infamous catch phrases included. One of the most uncanny secrets throughout the eight games comes from Mega Man X2, where X can learn the ultra-powerful Shoryuken punch from Street Fighter by completing a certain sequence of tasks. If this new collection will be your first time playing Mega Man X2 and you want the power of the Dragon Punch in your hands, then pay attention to this guide and we’ll make Shoryuken make the ability yours.

(WRITER’’S NOTE: Writer does not apologize for that pun in the last sentence.)

In order to unlock the fiery uppercut, just as the previous game had a few tasks you needed to do before getting the Hadouken, there’s some things that need to be done first:

  1. Obtain all X upgrades via the capsules, which are found in Morph Moth, Crystal Snail, Overdrive Ostrich, and Wheel Gator’s stages
  2. Obtain all of Zero’s parts by defeating the sub-bosses Serges, Agile, and Violen (random encounters)
  3. Obtain all sub-tanks, found in Flame Stag, Wire Sponge, Bubble Crab, and Magna Centipede’s stages
  4. Obtains Heart Tanks from all stages, increasing X’s health to maximum
Sorry robot bat guy, the Shoryuken's a-waitin'.

The Shoryuken is found on the third X-Hunter Level, two levels away from the end of the game. As you fight through the level you’ll find yourself at the fork in the road seen above, a ladder up and a ladder down. The ladder up seems out of reach, but one shot to the nearby bat enemy with Crystal Snail’s weapon and the bat will freeze in place, creating a platform you can jump onto.

Once up there, defeat the Sniper Joe enemy and continue through the level. Soon you’ll find yourself in a long downward corridor, but don’t simply fall down; hug the left wall and slide down it until you drop into a hidden room. Enter the room, activate the capsule, and the Shoryuken is all yours!

The Shoryuken is activated by inputting the same forward, down, and down-forward motion as Street Fighter and the shoot button. You’ll know you got it right when X leaps into the air and his arm is covered in fire, it’s really hard to miss. Just like the Hadouken in the first Mega Man X though, this move can only be used with full health, so don’t go getting X hurt or else you’ll lose it.

With the Shoryuken obtained the rest of Mega Man X2 should be easy to conquer, and if you are playing the games in order then that’ll be 25 percent of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection completed. Those X-Hunters don’t stand a chance once X learns the power of the Dragon Punch, and now you know how to find it for yourself.

Megaretroman -
And then you use it on X-Hunter boss (Agile) and watch the magic happen.
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