12 Hour Challenge Invites Speedrunners to try Something New

Alex McCumbers,

July 27, 2018 3:55 PM

A community wide speedrun challenge was issued by Golden once again! The 12 Hour Challenge asks that runners learn a whole new run, with the optional rule of something never been run at a GDQ, in just 12 hours.

When sitting down to learn a speedrun and take a stab at records, it can be easy to become obsessive about that particular game. Especially leading up to a speedrun event like Games Done Quick or ESA, runners can get extreme tunnel vision. This is typically the best way to push records further, pouring more energy into them, but it can be exhausting. As a palate cleanser of sorts, the 12 Hour Challenge takes place after Games Done Quick events to challenge speedrunners to learn something new in a 12 Hour window with optional challenges to really get runners to think outside the box.

This year marks the seventh 12 Hour Challenge and was created as a way to push speedrunners into new territory. This challenge’s theme is "Now for something completely different..." where runners take on games that have never been featured during a Games Done Quick event. Since Games Done Quick has been happening for several years, this optional rule will put runners up against likely uncharted territory. This also means that if anyone sticks with the game they choose to learn, there are more options for when submissions open up for events.

For those that are just interested in watching runners tackle this challenge or are looking to support others trying the same game, all of the runs should be tagged under the Twelve Hour Challenge community on Twitch. From that page, channels can quickly be browsed through. There will be runs all weekend long and likely some others that will take place outside of the set days.

There are plenty of people taking the challenge right now
There are plenty of people taking the challenge right now

Those who want to participate in any capacity should register as it will help other runners find each other and show just how much action was going on in the event. Other helpful areas are things like the entrants list, and the Discord channel. Streamer Golden is the one to follow as he is one of the main organizers of the 12 Hour Challenge.

This weekend is the perfect time to finally learn a speedrun and hang out with others online who are into the hobby. If it wasn’t for the 12 Hour Challenge, we never would’ve got to talk with famous Super Mario Bros speedrunner Darbian about Wii Sports Resort Golf.

I will personally be taking on one of my favorite speedruns to watch during the 12 Hour Challenge on my Twitch channel; I’ve been watching Strizer86 do these sorts of runs for a couple years. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance will be the game I attempt to learn in 12 hours on Sunday and I’ll be doing Any% without the 0 HP glitch.

At the end of those 12 hours, I’ll be doing a race with a good friend Rhakimdar.

For more speedrun action, the ESA (European Speedrunners Assembly is happening now. Our last interview with a runner was with JTB and his fantastic runs of Resident Evil 4.


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