Welcome To South Georgo Didn't Practice TPP Prior To Third Place Finish At PGI 2018

Ford James,

July 28, 2018 9:47 AM

Despite taking home $100,000 and the bronze frying pan trophy, Welcome To South Georgo claim they didn't practice third-person perspective before the tournament.

Wednesday and Thursday saw the opening rounds of the PUBG Global Invitational take place in Berlin, Germany. 20 teams duked it out in eight rounds of third-person perspective (TPP) across the two days and many were expecting teams from the Asian and eastern regions to dominate, such as Gen.G Gold & Black, Crest Gaming Windfall & Xanadu, Oh My God and more. While Gen.G Gold walked away as victors, second and third place went to Team Liquid and Welcome To South Georgo (WTSG) respectively, who are both from Europe.

Welcome To South Georgo in the post-TPP press conference. From left to right: Gaxy, Larsen, Vard, MiracU, Dohfos (Coach).

In the press conferences after the games concluded on Thursday, WTSG told us that they had very little practice in TPP, largely due to the west’s fondness for FPP instead. “No, we didn’t practice anything,” Alex ‘Vard’ Gouge told us. Team captain Mathias ‘Larsen’ Larsen followed it up by saying “We only played one game - a public game.”

To essentially not practice TPP whatsoever before the event but still managing to walk away with third place out of 20 teams is a phenomenal feat, especially when the eastern teams were expected to completely dominate. Despite seeming very similar, many pros here at PGI 2018 have said that TPP and FPP are almost completely different games when you’re playing, especially during high profile tournaments like this.

Yesterday we saw the charity showdown match featuring a number of high profile guests including Dr Disrespect, Ninja and Shroud. It was the first time FPP was played at the event and yet again, Gen.G Gold’s EscA and SimSn alongside Evermore and Juankorea walked away as victors, earning $600,000 for their chosen charity. If you missed yesterday’s action, check out this clip of Ninja killing Shroud during round three, followed by his teamkill on JoshOG in the final game.

(Header image courtesy of IndianNoob.)


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