Korea Defeats Thailand in Arena of Valor World Cup

Alex McCumbers,

July 28, 2018 10:09 PM

In an explosive final game, Korea was able to walk away as the new Arena of Valor World Champions.

Coming down to the last game, the first Arena of Valor World Cup has come to a close with Korea standing as the champions. Thailand tried their best to fight off the tower-focused strategy of Korea, but could not secure the team fights that they were so skilled at securing throughout the tournament. The room was electric during the battle, resulting in one of the most fun ends to an esports event in recent memory.

Arena of Valor, a mobile MOBA that has seen lots of play internationally, but has yet to really catch on in the West, proves that it can be a viable and exciting esports title. We saw strategic character picks in the ban stage, even going as far as to ignore the established meta of banning the arguably strongest character in the game, Superman. Superman only appeared in a couple matches during the tournament, but wasn’t able to be the dominating force that teams seemed to be so afraid of in either setting.

During the final push, it was still anyone’s game. One false move could quickly turn the tide and give Thailand the ability to secure a Dark Beast and make the comeback. By only picking fights when they absolutely had to and securing those towers, Korea pushed in for the victory.

Rush seemed really honored to be crowned MVP.
Rush seemed really honored to be crowned MVP.

The pure excitement on the faces of Korea is what makes esports events so incredible. It was a match where they showed their stress, but were able to buckle down and make the victory. MVP was awarded to Rush who absolutely wrecked anyone who stepped in his path as Violet throughout the tournament and was a crucial player in the last match with Lindis.

Korea had even lost to Thailand in a previous set. Thailand dominated throughout, really only meeting resistance when they faced Korea in the quarter finals. There, Thailand was able to win 3-0, leaving Korea to fight their back in the losers bracket against Chinese Taipei.

Arena of Valor have crowned their first world championships and honestly this is a game we could see more energy for in the future. A solid foundation has been established, proving that a mobile game is viable for these larger events.

Archived footage of the matches are available on the Arena of Valor YouTube channel

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