PGI 2018 Pro Player Believes PUBG "Tops Fortnite In Every Aspect"

Ford James,

July 29, 2018 2:25 AM

At the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin, we spoke to one pro player who claims that PUBG is a better game than Fortnite in every aspect.

For a long while, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the outright king of the battle royale genre. It was consistently the most viewed game on Twitch, it was top of the Steam sales charts, everyone wanted in on the action. Then, in September of last year, Fortnite came along. Many dismissed it straight away due to the cartoony art style but Epic persisted and around christmas 2017, the game exploded in popularity. It hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and thus, PUBG has been left to the wayside for the casual player.

Jace "Voxsic" Patras is the player who made the controversial claim. Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Post Gazette

That doesn’t mean PUBG is dead though - far from it in fact. Right now, we’re at PGI 2018, the world’s biggest PUBG tournament so far where 20 teams are duking it out for millions of dollars. We’ve been interviewing a number of pro players and when we got the chance to interview Jace ‘Voxsic’ Patras from Pittsburgh Knights, we asked him about Fortnite. More specifically, what PUBG can learn from Epic Games’ free-to-play behemoth and vice versa.

“I did see one cool concept Fortnite had where the zone goes in the blue and then it shifts to it,” Voxsic told us, referring to the change in Fortnite season five where the safe zone will be inside the storm for the end-game. “Besides that, I think PUBG tops Fortnite in every aspect.” It’s a bold claim from the Pittsburgh Knights player who’s team finished fifth in TPP and are currently sat sixth in FPP with four rounds to go.

We’ve got no doubts that his opinion isn’t shared by the majority of battle royale fans but it will be interesting to see if PUBG can close the gap on their main competitor as right now, they’ve got a long way to go. While here in Berlin, we’ve also spoken to Miccoy from Ghost Gaming who told us they’re going to play much more aggressive during day two of FPP, while Welcome To South Georgo didn’t practice TPP whatsoever but still managed to take third place.

(Header image courtesy of WCCFTech.)


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