Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na Join Soul Calibur VI

Bryan Dawson,

August 5, 2018 8:32 PM

The big Evo 2018 announced for Soul Calibur 6 is the addition of series veterans Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na.

Soul Calibur VI and Tekken 7 producer, Motohiro Okubo, took the Evo 2018 stage before Tekken 7 finals. He had a surprise for the 20,000 fighting game fans in attendance. After confirming the surprise was Soul Calibur-related, a trailer announcing Astaroth played to the sold out crowd. But Okubo wasn’t done with just one character. He asked the crowd if their soul still burns, then showed off a second trailer introducing Seong Mi-Na.

With most of the Soul Calibur VI launch roster known, many were expecting at least one returning character to be announced at Evo 2018, the largest fighting game tournament in the world. With nearly 200,000 people watching the event, it makes a great platform for fighting game developers to make new announcements.

While the character trailers were fairly short, most fans are just happy to see two veteran characters confirmed for the launch roster. Astaroth looks more visceral this time around, with a multitude of attacks that slam his axe into the opponent and drags them around the stage. Meanwhile, Seong Mi-Na seems to have more of a revamp. In the past she had a move set that was similar to Kilik, while still being mostly unique. The brief trailer makes it seem as though she has quite a few new attacks that will further separate her from Kilik.

Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na join 15 other characters that have already been confirmed for Soul Calibur VI. The game releases on October 19, 2018, but Bandai Namco isn’t done with character reveals just yet. In the past the development team confirmed that another brand new character will be joining the roster, as well as four DLC characters, at least one of which who will be a guest character. Soul Calibur is well-known for guest characters, with Geralt from The Witcher series already confirmed for Soul Calibur VI.

Stay tuned to Twin Galaxies as we offer a more in-depth look at Soul Calibur VI once the game launches later this year!


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