Renault Sport Announces Partnership with Team Vitality

Nicholas Barth,

February 12, 2018 2:45 PM

The French automobile manufacturer will be partnering with the successful esports organization to dive into the world of motorsport esports.

Automobile companies have been making their way into the world of esports recently by sponsoring different organizations and events, such as Audi partnering with Danish esports organization Astralis. With the rise of motorsport games in the world of esports, such as Rocket League, these companies have begun to their focus on the titles that directly relate with their own product. This is the motivation behind the announcement that Renault Sport made today regarding a new partnership with Team Vitality.  

Team Vitality is best known for their successful League of Legends and Call of Duty teams and now with the help of Renault Sport, they will be fielding a Rocket League team. The roster will consist of Philip "Paschy90" Paschmeyer, Victor "Fairy Peak" Locquet and Sandro "FreaKii" Holzwarth. The Renault Sport Team Vitality team will be competing in Rocket League and Formula 1 Esports series competitions.


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