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NA LCS Match Recaps for Day 2 of Week 7

All the action as the North American League of Legends Championship Series wraps up week 7 of the Summer Split.

The NALCS is getting closer to playoffs, and with todays matches now in the book, the teams are much closer to finalizing their position on the ladder. Which teams have managed to pull away from the pack, and which teams are still stuck in the middle? Here’s a brief breakdown of the matches from today.

Team Liquid vs Flyquest

The first match of the day saw Team Liquid put on a dominant performance over their opponents. While Flyquest tried their best to fight back towards the end, they were unable to battle through the lead that Liquid had accumulated, falling too far behind early on to effectively mount a comeback.

Cloud9 vs CLG

A back and forth clash between these two teams, as Cloud9 looked to continue their recent string of victories. CLG did their best to keep pace with their opponents, however the objective game slowly slipped out of their grasp as Cloud9 inched further and further towards victory before closing out the match.

Echo Fox vs TSM

An extremely back and forth clash between these two teams ultimately ended with indecision from TSM. While both teams traded the lead, Echo Fox eventually forced the issue by starting a base race, and TSM’s lack of a unified response prevented them from contesting, handing the victory to Echo Fox.

Echo Fox greet their fans after their victory
Echo Fox greet their fans after their victory

100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians

A change of pace from the previous two games saw 100 Thieves steamroll their way to victory over the Golden Guardians. The Golden Guardians never really seemed to be in this match, only picking up a few kills and a single Dragon before 100 Thieves turned on the heat and claimed victory.

Clutch Gaming vs OpTic Gaming

Keeping the change of pace from the previous match, Clutch Gaming made quick work of OpTic Gaming as they rapidly secured multiple objectives in this match. While OpTic did claim some objectives for themselves, they lacked the killing power to turn the tide of this battle, handing Clutch Gaming the win.

With the matches now finished for Week 7 of the Summer Split, some teams need to go back to the drawing board for next week, while others can rest a little easier. For more on how the teams are sitting on the ladder right now, check out the Official Schedule page, here, and for more NA LCS action, check out the match results from yesterday, here.

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