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Riot Produces New Champion Roadmap with Visual and Gameplay Updates

The latest Champion Roadmap for League of Legends hints at several visual updates and possible reworks for older Champions.

Riot Games has released another Champion Roadmap, giving insight into some upcoming Champion Reworks and Visual Updates. While we aren’t given a ton of raw data or anything, we are shown some imagery that relates to the direction the Champions changes will be heading in.

The main show, so to speak, relates to the upcoming Nunu update, bringing the Champion from the boxy and low-detailed model from the games launch, into what Riot calls a more “Whimsical Theme”.

The article also talks about changes being made to popular AD Carry Ezreal, that include not just some minor ability changes, but also a Visual and even Audio update, to bring him more closely in line with present day Champions.

The last section talks about the changes to sister Champions Morgana and Kayle. It appears as though the art style will more closely be linking the two, to emphasize the connection they share, and while Morgana is relatively safe in terms of abilities, Kayle might be receiving some changes to her kit in the future to give her more of an identity.

The article also teases two new Champions, giving just a hint of their personalities and possibly abilities by showcasing some artwork. The first is apparently a rather colorful Mage, with the imagery showing flowers and a symbol.

The second teaser image shows someone, or something possibly being chained up, though no more details on that Champion at this time.

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