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Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day Guide - Last Resort, Leafeon & Glaceon

On August 11-12, Pokemon Go will be celebrating Community Day with Eevee! The popular Evolution Pokemon will have an exclusive move, Last Resort, for these two days only! Trainers will also have a chance to catch a Shiny Eevee, but can they find Glaceon and Leafeon? You'll just have to find out.

August 11-12 is Eevee Community Day (community days?) in Pokemon Go, where Trainers from across the globe will be able to encounter Eevee at a greater rate. There is even a greater chance for that Eevee to be shiny! Eevee will also have an exclusive Charge move, Last Resort, which should follow it as it evolves. Plus, trainers will receive three times as much Stardust by catching Pokemon and Lure Modules will remain active on PokeStops for three hours. The event will run from 2PM EST - 5PM EST (11AM PST - 2PM PST) on both August 11 and August 12. For more info, visit www.pokemongolive.com/events/community-day/

Eevee Community Day Guide 

As mentioned above, Eevee will have the Community Day exclusive move Last Resort. This Normal-type Charge move will be two bar and 90 damage. Trainers may also discover Shiny Eevees in the wild! The Shiny Eevee has a grayer appearance than its normal counterpart. Shiny Eevees will evolve into Shiny Eeveelutions, so do your best to catch as many as possible! For reference, here is a handy photo depicting all the normal and Shiny versions of the Eeveelutions (Credit: The Silph Road). 

Unlike Squirtle and to a lesser extent Larvitar, it will be much easier for trainers to tell the difference between normal and Shiny Eevees. We are big fans of Shiny Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Espeon, due to their unique colorings. If you aren't aware, Trainers also have one guaranteed way to get the Eeveelution of their choice. You can learn how to do so by checking out our guide on Eeveelutions very quickly, but be sure to come on back! 

It's unclear if Niantic will be giving Trainers any items to guarantee themselves a certain Eeveelution after using the name trick for the first time. Trainers may have to pray to RNGsus in order to get the evolution they desire. We certainly hope you've been building up your friendships, in case your friends get their hands on the Eeveelution you want! 

Glaceon and Leafeon

We, unfortunately, have bad news for Trainers who were hoping for Glaceon and Leafeon, Eevee's Ice and Grass type (respectively) evolutions. They won't be around this weekend, at least as far as we know of at the moment. Should that change, we'll let you know! 

Stardust and Lure Modules 

As we mentioned, Trainers will also receive a boost to Stardust on all Pokemon catches. This comes out to 300 dust per base evolution Pokemon caught, (those Eevees will add up!) 900 for each second evolution Pokemon caught, and 1,500 for any third level evolution caught. We'll hope for some powerful Pokemon to pop up between catching all our Eevees! We also highly recommend using a Star Piece during the event, as Trainers will receive an even greater boost to their Stardust totals during the event. Trainers with a Star Piece active will receive 450 Stardust per base evolution, 1350 per second evolution, and 2250 per third evolution. Suffice to say, Trainers should absolutely pop the Star Pieces if they have them - or use all those PokeCoins they've amassed from claiming gyms to purchase some from the Shop. 

Trainers should also pop some Lure Modules into nearby PokeStops, since they will last for all three hours of the event. Hopefully the lures entice some high IV Eevees and more awesome stuff for Trainers to catch this weekend! 

Best of luck this weekend, Trainers! May your Eevees be strong and shiny, and may you get the Eeveelution you want! For more Pokemon Go news, check out what might be in store for Trainers who love player-versus-player! 

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