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Virtus.Pro Rebrand Organisation Colors In Partnership With MegaFon

The esports giant has recently partnered with mobile telecom titan MegaFon and as a result, Virtus.Pro has changed all their team colours to green, purple and black.

Virtus.Pro are huge when it comes to both Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2, having Russian teams that regularly see immense success. They’ve also recently branched out into both Paladins and Fortnite, along with agreeing terms with mobile telecommunications giant MegaFon in Russia. As a result, Virtus.Pro are temporarily changing their team colours.

Their new jerseys will be black with green and purple highlights. Image courtesy of Virtus.Pro.

"Our partnership with MegaFon is a crucial stepping stone for Virtus.pro and the entire Russian esports scene,” wrote Roman Dvoryankin, general manager for Virtus.Pro. “As the level of a professional esports culture rises in Russia, an alliance with the country's leading telecom company further empowers the rapid development dynamics. I'm pleased to see MegaFon choosing us as the undisputed leaders of the region amidst the ever-increasing global integration in our industry.”

The blog post goes on to explain that this change can be first seen at The International 2018 which kicks off later this month and that it’ll last until the end of the year. After that, in celebration of Virtus.Pro’s 15th anniversary, the team image as a whole will be changing starting in 2019. Fans will get a first look at the new, upcoming redesign as early as November.

Exciting times ahead for the prospering organisation. In other DotA 2 news, the top ranked players in the world were no match for OpenAI. In the CS:GO world, read up on how NRG won IEM Shanghai.

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