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Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Vegeta Guide - Still Super Even Without the Hair!

One half of the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters, Vegeta, storms into action! Here are some quick tips on how to help the Prince of all Saiyans claim his throne!

Base Vegeta has finally arrived to Dragon Ball FighterZ! Based on his appearance during the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Vegea is equipped with his original Saiyan armor along with his Saiyan tail. He's also got some new moves that separate him from his yellow and Blue counterparts. We'll get into a few quick tips to maximizing Base Vegeta's power in a second, but first let's refresh ourselves on the button layout:

Xbox One

Learn Your Loops

Base Vegeta corner combo from r/dragonballfighterz
We begin with the most difficul aspect of the character, but we're all about shattering our limits here! The timing on this loop is very strict, but with enough practice and patience, you'll have it down in no time! The key is to watch for the end of Vegeta's Ki blast animation and time your L with that. Remember to stay calm and don't give up! This is easier than it looks - keep your eyes on the prize. 

Mixup King (Prince?) 

Base Vegeta Post Lvl3 Mixup from r/dbfz

Base Vegeta has a strong mixup game off of a number of moves, particularly his Level 3, Galaxy Breaker. Here, we see a sample setup players can use to effectively mixup their opponent after connecting with Vegeta's Level 3. 

Saiyans and Namekians? 

It's still a little early to tell who exactly Vegeta will pair well with. One can assume his Super Saiyan counterpart will make a great teammate, such that he is with every character. However, Twitter user Ronnichu (@SiphonalRon) discovered some synergy between Base Vegeta and Piccolo, which will allow players to fully charge Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. 

Careful of Crouchers

Wherever He May Roam

The Prince of all Saiyans goes wherever he wills anyway, so slotting him into any position on your team will make sense. He makes a great candidate for a point (first) or anchor (last) character due to his mixup opportunities and ability to use Sparking well, but he also serves a role as a mid character due to his tricky assist, a move reminiscent of Krillin's Destructo Disc. 

We hope you enjoy Base Vegeta and continue on your journey to be the ultimate Dragon Ball FighterZ champion! For more DBFZ guides, check out our piece on Base Vegeta's DLC counterpart, Base Goku

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