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Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Guide: Back To The Beginning

The addition of Base Goku to Dragon Ball FighterZ sounds like the game is going backwards, but this guide proves that the original Goku was well worth the wait.

It’s that time again: new downloadable fighters have come to Dragon Ball FighterZ. This time we have a blast from the series’ past, as Goku and Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga that started it all make their way into the game. Yes, that’s right, Goku and Vegeta are here again, only this time with black hair and their base set of attacks. While this may make some of you groan, after spending some time with the two of them their powers could change the game for good. Our Vegeta guide will give you tips on the Prince of All Saiyans, but here we’re going to talk about the hope of the universe himself, Goku.

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The Power of A Saiyan

Goku hits hard. Really hard. His base attacks cause a slew of damage even when long combos scale the damage down, and his Supers are some of the most powerful in the entire game. That said, setting up those combos for regular use can be tricky, but players have already been digging around for ways to make things work.

Check out the combo above, beginning with the activation of Sparking and ending with Goku’s Level 3 Spirit Bomb. That’s one combo that sends Kid Buu from a full health bar to the first one down in the match. This is what we mean when we say Goku packs a powerful punch, and harnessing that massive damage output while figuring out ways to maximize it is going to be the main challenge for any Goku player.

You Kaio-Ken Do It!

Goku’s first super move, the Kaio-Ken, is unique in two big ways. First, after inputting the Down, Down-Forward, Forward and two attacks to activate the move, Goku charges up the Kaio-Ken...but then does nothing. What happens next is completely under your control, each attack button doing something different and R2/RT acting as the finishing maneuver. This flips the script on the standard super, which normally follows the same attack pattern, and allows for some versatility on activation.

The second part is that R2/RT finisher, as it changes depending on how many teammates Goku has left on his team. A full squad gives him a quick combo with a dive kick finish, being one character down changes it to a souped-up Kamehameha, and having only Goku left amps that super Kamehameha up even more. The Kaio-Ken super is easily the most versatile super in the game, no two activations will be the same, and every Goku player should use that to his or her advantage.

Anchors Aweigh

If you go back and read that Kaio-Ken section, you can probably figure out what we’re going to suggest here. Just in case though, let’s be perfectly clear: Base Goku, if he is to join your team, should be the anchor of the squad. In layman’s terms, he ideally shouldn’t see the light of day until he’s the last man standing. How apropos.

Because of the boosts to his Kaio-Ken Goku should be your team’s last resort. HIs combo potential and varied arsenal make him a viable fighter with no assists available, and his health and defense are sturdy enough that he should be able to hold his own at the end of a match. Obviously every match is different and some situations will require him to enter early, but if Goku can wait until he’s the last hope for victory -- which really sounds like the show itself, doesn’t it -- then that’s where he should stay.

Lend Him Your Energy!

Goku possesses two versions of the all-powerful Spirit Bomb attack, both of which can be seen in the insane combo above. One is his Level 3 Super (which we’ll get into shortly) and another is a special attack performed with Down, Down-Back, Back, and Special. The normal version of the move can be charged by holding Special, and it has three levels depending on the amount of charge you give it.  

Charging this Spirit Bomb to full power results is what you see above, the blue energy ball that surrounds the opponent and lifts them into the air. 32 hits and an air stunned state later, your foe is in prime position for an air combo, a quick smash back to the ground, or something a little bit more powerful.

Dropping The Big Bomb

The second Spirit Bomb in Goku’s arsenal is the big one, the almighty Spirit Bomb that has defeated countless Dragon Ball villains. With a quick Down, Down-Back, Back and two attack buttons Goku rises into the air, charges the massive energy ball, then launches it at his foe. On its own the move is very slow, making it easy to block despite being the single most powerful move in the game. Comboing into it, however, makes it much more viable.

Check out the full combo in the Tweet embedded above. TS | Mugman here uses the fully charged Spirit Bomb from before to force his opponent into the air, and as soon as that attack releases Goku is in the air prepping the Level 3. The combo is completed, the damage is massive, and Goku to be a ally to good and nightmare to your opponent.

With these quick tips you’ll have no trouble bringing Goku and his Spirit Bombs a-plenty onto your team. He’s a powerful character even in his most basic form, and we look forward to seeing how players implement the savior of the world into their teams. For more on Dragon Ball FighterZ check out our coverage on the next fighter coming to the game after Goku and Vegeta, as well as the milestone the game achieved during EVO 2018.

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