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Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Skins

The Overwatch Summer Games event has begun, and we've got all the Skins for your previewing pleasure.

The next event for Overwatch has begun, with the Summer Games kicking off today. Not only are we getting a whole load of new skins, but the Summer Games brings with it a new competitive season of Copa Lúcioball. Players can dive into the game-mode and complete their placement matches to earn special rewards, and the Summer loot box has returned full of relaxed skins and competitive emotes. Here’s some of the new skins from the Summer Games event.

Firstly, there’s Fastball Zenyatta and Catcher Winston, representing the Baseball spirit. Both of these skins are event legendary skins, so they’ll come in at 3,000 credits a pop.

Then there’s Gridironhardt Reinhardt and Lacrosse Roadhog, looking snazzy in their sportswear as well. These are also coming in at 3,000 credits a skin.

Next is Waveracer D. Va and Cabana Ana, chilling out by the waterfront. Again, these are legendary skins at 3,000 credits each.

There are more skins to be found in the Summer Games loot boxes, with Bridgette, Sombra, and Moira each getting a national sports style skin. There are also several highlight intros up for grabs, each showing off some sporty action from the Overwatch team. You can see all the new content in the highlight video from Blizzard, here.

For more Overwatch action, check out the Lúcioball tournament on this weekend, here.

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