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Myztro's Xron & GaRpY On Quake Champions Past, Present, & Future

At QuakeCon 2018, we caught up with Dmytro "Xron" Sakharu and Gareth "GaRpY" Marshall of Team Myztro to get their thoughts on Quake Champions and how they got into the competitive scene.

Amidst the action of the first day of QuakeCon 2018, we managed to grab some time with two of Quake Champions best players, Dmytro "Xron" Sakharu and Gareth "GaRpY" Marshall of the esports org Myztro, to get their view on Quake Champions, the future of the franchise, and how they became the players they are today.

Quake and games like it have a very long and storied history, did the two of you play other Quake titles or other arena shooters when getting your start?

Xron: I started playing game when I was 10 years old, back in 2006 I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6, and I usually only played CS. In 2011 I wanted to try some 1v1 shooters, like Quake Live, and since then I played Quake from time to time, and as soon as Quake Champions was released I jumped into the game.

GaRpY: I’ve been playing a lot longer, I think, originally, I played Half-Life, the original. Then I went to CS, then Unreal Tournament and Painkiller, then I played Quake Live and Quake 4, then Shoot Mania, and then I started playing Quake Champions when that was released. I’ve always loved the Quake series, so as soon as that was out I jumped onto that. I’ve been competing at the top levels of all of those games, so it’s been quite a journey.

Having played Counter-Strike, having played Unreal Tournament, what would you say draws you to the competitive scene of Quake Champions, as opposed to the other games.

Xron: I personally think every game is unique and good, I don’t think they are bad games or anything and I personally enjoy every game that I play. In Quake Champions I just like the speed, and because of the team I was with, having fun playing, it just developed into something more, and I just enjoy playing it.

GaRpY: I think the community as well, coming from UT, coming over to Quake, the community is a lot bigger. I think Quake is the main game to be in competitively as well, it’s pretty much the only game that is played with Duel and TDM. This is the kind of game I like as well, compared to CS or Battle Royale games. That’s why I play Quake Champions, because I enjoy it the most out of all of them.

With the two different styles, TDM and Duel, is there a different Meta or approach you take or does that not effect how you prepare for the game?

Xron: I think teams right now are mostly focused on 2v2, and I would say that 2v2 is very similar to Duel at points, but the Meta is a bit different in these modes because in 2v2 it’s still teamplay, so you and your teammate want to combine abilities and you want to be fast to meet-up and stick together, play together. In Duel you can play more selfish, so you can try and pick Champions with the best abilities. In 2v2, sometimes you end up in a 1v2 and it doesn’t matter what you have, but in 1v1 sometimes you can get out with anything, so you just need to pick the strongest champion and make it work.

GaRpY: I think in Duel as well, the Meta is that everyone kind of plays the same champions, where in TDM I think you get a lot more variety of champions. Like Xron said, in teams you’re looking to play together, combine abilities together, so some teams play better with, say, Clutch and Ranger, and the other team might try and counter that by doing something else. So, I think there’s a lot more variety of picks on the team’s games, for champions picks anyway, than there is on Duel. Like I said, Duel is, you’ve only got three lives, so you pick the best champions, but with teams you have time limits, frag limits, so you have to weigh up your opponents and think “How can we counter this, what can we do against it”.

As far as the games goes up to this point, do you feel that it’s evolved in a satisfactory way since Alpha, or do you feel that there are some things that need to be changed?

Xron: I personally like the 4v4 mode, because I’m a fan of the teamplay and 2v2 still feels to me like a Duel. I would prefer 4v4 because of that. For me, 4v4 feels the most fun because you can create some team compositions and combine abilities, and there are a lot more possibilities than in 2v2 or Duel. I’m really missing it, so I’m hoping that in the next patch the developers will focus on a solid team mode. I think it will be fun for everyone, even casual players. I think it’s really important to have a fun mode with friends where you can just jump in and shoot around. Overall, I feel the game is improving, with better performance and more variety. There are more viewers for tournaments, which is really good, but personally I would want to see a team mode and just more variety.

GaRpY: The game, from when it very first came out, the playability of it from then to now is like day and night. The performance side of it, the net code, everything has improved a lot. It would be nice to get newer team modes like capture the flag, to get the newer audience, to just jump in and have fun. At the moment, if they’re jumping in they’re going to be playing ranked against players, and if they get destroyed they might just walk away from the game. If they have a mode where they can just go in and have a laugh, have all the weapons and run around and learn the abilities. I like that they’ve introduced bots into the game, so players can jump into a game with bots and learn each of the abilities of the champions, learn the maps. That wasn’t there before, so it’s less getting thrown in the deep end. It’s definitely going in the right direction towards making the community grow.

As a follow-up, when you look at games like Overwatch and Call of Duty, CoD has domination and capture the flag, and they cycle through them in the actual matches. Would you like to see something like that in pro Quake?

GaRpY: That would be pretty cool actually, because it would mean that the players at the pro level have not just got to concentrate on a certain mode, like Duel or TDM. You’d have to concentrate on how your team works on domination, how the team works on capture the flag, how the team works on TDM. Yeah, that would be quite interesting, and probably good for spectating actually, showing off all the different modes that can be played.

If Quake Champions stays the course, what do you think the future of esports and the game look like?

Xron: It’s hard to say. You’d have to check numbers, it’s growing with every month. So, you’d have to wait until they release the game and see what direction the developers want to go, do they want to think more about casual players, make it more like an esports game. I would personally prefer if they take care of the casual players because if the player base is huge, esports will come itself.

GaRpY: it’s all about viewership, if they can build the casual game, build it from the base, it’s those players that are inspired to be at pro level. They’re playing all the time, watching, and it keeps growing and growing. As long as the game keeps growing, I think it could go pretty far and end up being massive.

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