GamerBee Feels SFV is the Number One Fighting Game Currently

Nicholas Barth,

August 10, 2018 1:19 PM

Talented Cygames Street Fighter V player Bruce "GamerBee" Yu-lin Hsiang sat down with Twin Galaxies recently to discuss the current and future states of the popular fighting game title.

Cygames is a leader in the world of the fighting game community thanks in part to having the talented Street Fighter V player of GamerBee on its roster. A veteran of the Street Fighter professional scene, GamerBee has made a name for himself in the fighting game community for his talent, which he has brought with him throughout the existence of Street Fighter V

Twin Galaxies was able to catch up with GamerBee at the 2018 Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2018) and get his thoughts on the current and future states of the fifth entry in the fighting game franchise from Capcom and what he hopes to see the developer implement into the title. 

GamerBee with his Cygames teammate of Daigo Ume
GamerBee with his Cygames teammate of Daigo Umehara. (Source: Instagrammer News)

TG: What do you think of the current state of Street Fighter V?

GamerBee: "I believe Street Fighter V brought a lot of new opportunities for new gamers, so that’s why we have so many esports teams and more pro gamers. I like that it’s bringing those opportunities."

TG: Do you think that there is going to be more of a future to Street Fighter V, do you expect to see a Season 4 of characters, or do you think we might see Street Fighter VI or something like that soon?

GamerBee: "I never actually understood how Capcom likes to set out their plans. I feel that Street Fighter V’s design is really simple and every year they release six characters, and as they add more and more characters, the game becomes even better. That’s how I feel about the game right now, and as for the fighting game future, we’ve seen so many titles, and Street Fighter V feels the number one for players, fans, and viewers right now, so I believe they are still creating new futures for Street Fighter V."

TG: Many pro players feel it’s a little easier for lesser skilled players to beat better players. How do you feel about Street Fighter V compared to previous games in terms of newcomers coming up the ranks and pulling off these upsets?

GamerBee: "I think with Street Fighter V, everyone knows it’s easier for everyone, but the reason why they’ve made the game easier is to bring in more new players, and I think that’s a pretty good reason to do so. For older players, I would consider it a challenge, we have to figure out how to do well with the system changes, even if it is easier, even if the mechanics are designed to be easier for new players. It’s a test for older players."

TG: If we are going to see more characters arriving in Street Fighter V, do you feel there’s a specific archetype or specific character that’s missing from the game?

GamerBee: "For me personally, I would like to see Ada come back, but as a pro gamer, I would say no matter what, I will still play the game and try my best to win the tournaments with the characters I love."

TG: What would be your dream returning feature from previous Street Fighter games?

GamerBee: "I would like to see a new Vampire Savior. A new one, not a remake!"

TG: A fully new Darkstalkers 4?

GamerBee: "Yes! With the new season, I would like to see a new everything. I would like to see Decapre, Gouken and Makoto come back. Not in a Capcom vs Marvel."

You can keep up with the Street Fighter V and other fighting game adventures of GamerBee by following him on his Twitter account


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