HGC Heroes of the Strom Western Clash - Stream, Bracket and Format

Nicholas Barth,

August 11, 2018 8:50 AM

The latest event in the Heroes of the Storm esports scene is currently underway in the HGC Western Clash, and we have the event stream, bracket, format and more covered for you.

The HGC Western Clash is the latest major esports event for the professional scene of Blizzard Entertainment's MOBA title of Heroes of the Storm and is currently underway with the event starting Friday, August 10th and wrapping up with the Grand Finals on Sunday, August 12th. With eight of the best Heroes of the Storms from both North America and Europe competing for grand prize of $30,000, the HGC Western Clash will be bringing the absolute best Heroes of the Storm play for fans. 

The action for the HGC Western Clash will be beginning at 9 AM PST on each of the three days of competition. The HGC Western Clash consists of a double elimination format with the quarterfinals and losers round 1 being best-of-three matches, all other matches leading up to the grand finals being best-of-five matches and the grand finals of the HGC Western Clash being best-of-seven match. A one game advantage will be awarded to the winner's bracket team. 

You can view all of the adrenaline pumping Heroes of the Storm from the Western Clash on the official Twitch channel for the event. You can view an embedded version of the stream below. 

You can view the current bracket to begin Day 3 of the event below. Day 1 saw a surprising result with the squad of Tempo Storm being knocked out of the event with a 0-2 record after suffering two straight 2-1 losses to Method in the quarterfinals and Team Octalysis in loser's round 1.

(Source: Liquidpedia)
(Source: Liquidpedia)

With a $30,000 grand prize and a chance to unlock an additional spot for the 2018 HGC Finals for the winning region, Heroes of the Storm esports fans will no doubt be treated to the very best gameplay from each of the teams that are still alive in the HGC Western Clash. 

(cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)


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