Fallout 76: PVP and Justice on the Frontier

Zac Cameron,

August 11, 2018 11:17 AM

Fallout 76 may be the first multiplayer game in the franchise, but Bethesda has plans to keep the law in the wasteland.

Fallout 76’s showcase at QuakeCon 2018 certainly gave us a ton of new information, from the new perk cards system to the confirmation of private servers and modding. What had many people concerned about the upcoming game was the fact that multiplayer games in 2018 run a risk of being ruined by griefing and bad behavior. Thankfully, Todd Howard was able to speak on the matter during the presentation to help allay concerns fans might have about the game.

Player combat in Fallout 76 is unlike a lot of other online multiplayer games. If a player wishes to engage in combat, they are more than welcome to run up and start attacking another player, however the damage will be scaled, both in how to dish it out and take it. Players will certainly be aware that they are being attacked, but it will be more akin to "slapping someone in a bar", as Howard put it. "We want this element of danger without griefing." Players who are interested in the fight can easily jump right back and begin, with both players now dealing their full damage. Players who are not as keen can skip out on the fight, returning to what they were previously doing.

But what if a player doesn’t stop attacking, even when their target doesn’t wish to fight, I hear you ask. Well worry not, players who opt for that route are not going to like the outcome, as Bethesda’s plan of action kicks in. A player who kills another target who did not want to engage in PvP becomes a Wanted Murderer, and the associated status change will be extremely detrimental. They get a bounty on their head that comes directly out of their own bottle cap stash, and they stop receiving rewards of any kind, including caps and XP. They also lose the ability to see other players on the map, becoming easy targets for ambush attacks from players looking to cash in, and other players will know where you are.

With these kinds of measures in place, it’s clear that Bethesda is keen on making sure everyone can have a good time in Fallout 76, without worrying about having their experience ruined by trolls. Unless there ends up being a troll enemy in the game, in which case, get hunting people!


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