JayPL on NA vs EU: EU is Kobe Beef and NA is Walmart Meat

Zac Cameron,

August 11, 2018 12:01 PM

After their quick 3-0 victory at the HGC Western Clash, we caught up with Jerome "JayPL" Trinh from Team Dignitas to get his thoughts on the event and his goals for the future.

After their decisive victory over Method at the HGC Western Clash, we caught up with Team Dignitas’s Tank player Jerome "JayPL" Trinh to get his read on the event, the current Meta, and how he rates North America against Europe.

Who would you say is your teams biggest threat left in the Western Clash?

I think the biggest threat is actually ourselves. I think we can lose if we play poorly, but if we play well like our previous match, I think we can take the tournament.

What are your thoughts on the Meta for HotS right now? Do you like it?

As a tank player I kind of like it, there are a lot of different tanks that I can play compared to the past. There’s, I think, six or seven tanks that are optimal. And I can do my thing without getting one-shot, which feels good. Thankfully, the Meta is actually really good.

How would you compare the NA scene to the EU scene currently?

EU is Kobe beef and NA is Walmart meat, it’s just so different. Maybe they will make it later, but they don’t play that good at the moment.

What would winning the championship here at the Western Clash mean to your team?

For myself, it doesn’t mean anything because we are aiming for Blizzcon and the World title. We are kind of confident that we can win this, we just want to be sure that we are the best team from the West right now.

Did you guys do anything special or unique to prepare for the Western Clash, or was it just business as usual?

Obviously, we take every tournament as seriously as the next, so we boot camped in California to avoid jetlag and stuff. We take this tournament very seriously, there’s a lot of preparation for the teams we are playing against.

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