Zaelia From Dignitas On the Western Clash and Why EU Will Beat NA

Zac Cameron,

August 11, 2018 1:04 PM

After their stellar performance against Method in the semi-finals of the HGC Western Clash, we caught up with Kenn "Zaelia" Rasmussen to get his thoughts on the event and how his team prepared to take on the best from NA.

After taking down Method and advancing to the winner’s finals, we caught up with Kenn "Zaelia" Rasmussen from Team Dignitas to get his read on the current Heroes of the Storm Meta, and why EU teams are performing better than NA teams.

What are your thoughts on the current HotS Meta right now?

I’m a big fan, I’m a support player so I get to play Deckard, Stukov, the funny heroes. A lot of supports are viable, we even had an Uther game, so I get to have a lot of fun. I think with the third ban coming in, the game is overall more enjoyable, all the things that can really change the game like Medivh or Abathur, you can generally take them out without being punished too hard in the draft, so right now I’m enjoying it a lot.

Who would you say is your teams biggest threat left in the Western Clash?

Ooh, it might be Heroes Hearth. Even though they lost to Leftovers, I feel it was a bit of a fluke, I feel like they shouldn’t have dropped that, they are the NA top seed. If they make the greatest lower bracket comeback ever they might come into the finals with momentum and have a good showing.

How would you compare the NA scene to the EU scene?

I mean, if we look at what happened yesterday, Leftovers. Just listen to the name, the Leftovers, number four seed from Europe takes out the number one team from NA, Heroes Hearth, the fan favorites. They just came in and 2-0 sweep them, EU is on another level I feel.

What would winning the Western Clash mean to you personally?

This is going to be my third Western Clash victory now, I think. I don’t actually know how much I’m invested in this specific clash. My whole year is about making it to Blizzcon and getting a good showing there, because last year was kind of a fluke from Dignitas, so now my whole mindset is about Blizzcon. This is great, I love playing the NA teams, lifting trophies. I got really excited today, I think I just love playing competitive games on stage, so it would be great to win it, but you know, my mindset is Blizzcon.

Did you or your team do anything special to prepare for the Western Clash, or was it just business as usual?

This is the first time the Clash is in America, so our lovely organization Dignitas made sure we had a really good Bootcamp. We went to the Esports Arena and had a bootcamp there for seven days, which was great. The people were great, the venue was great, so we just had a standard bootcamp, intense training, make sure everybody is on the same page synergy wise, both in game and outside of the game. Standard bootcamp, standard practice, it was good.

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