YoDa and zugrug From Team Freedom on NA's Chances at The HGC Western Clash

Zac Cameron,

August 11, 2018 2:43 PM

After their surprising run through the Heroes of the Storm Western Clash playoffs, we caught up with zugrug and YoDa from Team Freedom as they look to defend North America's hopes.

As the casualties mount up in the HGC Western Clash, the last remaining North American team in the winner’s bracket, Team Freedom, prepares to face off against the arguably best team from the West, Team Dignitas. We caught up with Merek "zugrug" Kangas and Orie "YoDa" Guo to get their thoughts on the current Meta, and how they rate their chances against the Best in the West.

What are your thoughts on the current Meta for Heroes of the Storm?

zugrug: I’m a fan right now, the only hero I’m not a fan of right now is Sgt. Hammer, she’s really annoying to play against. There’s not much double support right now, so the only thing that bothers me is Hammer picks.

YoDa: I really like the current Meta, I feel like anything you want to play is viable in the right situation. It also requires really aggressive play from your tank which is really fun to see.

Who do you think is your teams’ biggest threat in this tournament?

zugrug: Definitely Dignitas. We were scrimming against them a lot and they were way better than all the other teams we were playing against.

YoDa: Dignitas in the sense that they are the other team in the winner’s final, and also Dignitas in the sense that they are the best team in the West right now.

How would you compare the NA scene to the European scene?

zugrug: Eu seems a lot stronger and just more consistent. I see NA teams come out and look really strong and then the next day they look like a completely different team. I think consistency is an issue with NA.

YoDa: Everyone is saying “NA LUL” because three NA teams lost in the beginning, but I really think any team could beat any other team on any given day, except Dignitas, they’re a step above everyone. So, they are an EU team, but I don’t think it’s their region, I think it’s just them.

What would winning the Western Clash mean for you guys?

zugrug: It would be insane, last Western Clash we didn’t even win a map, then we came here and won a game. Last time we had high expectations and didn’t win a map, this time we just want to do our best and then, yeah. Winning this would be insane, and it would give us an extra spot for our region which is really huge for qualifying there.

YoDa: It would mean we took out Dignitas. I think it’s impossible, but we’ll see what happens. It would mean we did the impossible.

The best hope for NA still know how to have fun
The best hope for NA still know how to have fun

Did your team do anything special to prepare for this tournament, or was it business as usual?

zugrug: We had a small bootcamp, but it wasn’t anything special. Nothing too different to other tournaments, just bootcamp and be ready to play.

YoDa: One thing we did for the Western Clash, was we swapped around our drafting dynamic, where before we would just try and get some power picks and respond afterword’s, now we have a few plans in the beginning, and then we’ll go with a plan instead of trying to get some counters that don’t really fit together. I think that’s helped us a lot.

You can catch more action from the HGC Western Clash, including out interview with Team Dignitas’s Zaelia, here.


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