Team Dignitas Claim HGC Western Clash

Zac Cameron,

August 12, 2018 6:45 PM

The dominant Team Dignitas have claimed victory at the HGC Western Clash, succeeding without losing a single match to any of their opponents.

The HGC Western Clash has wrapped up with another dominating performance from Team Dignitas. After holding their perfect record throughout the tournament, they steamrolled home to claim victory over the Leftovers, proving their strength once again as they look towards Blizzcon. Coming into the grand finals with a map advantage, Team Dignitas would find their hardest battle to be up first as they took on the Leftovers on Battlefield of Eternity.

Both teams start the first match with a small skirmish, trading minor blows as they look to gauge each other’s strength. The two teams fight over the immortals in the center of the map, with Leftovers claiming first blood. As the two teams look to burn down the immortals, Leftovers pick up another kill, claiming the immortal and a minor lead overall. Pushing through the bot lane, Leftovers take down the first fort and pick up a triple kill, gaining a level lead. Rotating to the top lane, Leftovers claim two more kills before assaulting the fort, forcing Dignitas to fall back. As the teams again clash over the immortals, both teams pick up multiple kills apiece before returning to the neutral objectives, with Leftovers claiming the immortal and moving to take down the outer fort in the top lane. Both teams clash again in the bot lane as Leftovers push in, however Dignitas is able to pick up three kills for one in trade, timing the fight to coincide with the immortals respawning. Despite the best efforts of Leftovers, Dignitas pick up the next immortal and begin to attack the top lane. Another team fight breaks out with both teams claiming kills, however the Dignitas immortal continued to push during the confrontation, weakening the defenses of the Leftovers. The teams again clash in the bot lane, with Dignitas coming out slightly ahead, before both team’s skirmish over the immortals once again. After claiming two more kills, Dignitas secure the immortal and begin to focus on the bot lane once again. A final fight leaves most of the Leftovers dead, allowing Dignitas to claim victory.

“So, we woke up at 6:30 in the morning to play the first game, our shuttle was at 7:30 and we had to play at 9,” says Kenn “Zaelia” Rasmussen of the series. “After we finished out games it was 3-0, kind of quick, we had like 6 hours just sitting there waiting for out next opponent, we’re watching Leftovers basically build up and destroy, getting better and better, and destroying a team that was on fire. They swept Team Freedom, I don’t think anybody expected that. So, it’s scary, it definitely is. I don’t know what happened in the finals, I guess we were just the better team, but we were shaking that first game, we almost lost as well.”

The second clash on Volskaya Foundry saw the teams again test their strength with a small skirmish in the mid lane before returning to more standard lane assignments. Dignitas manage to secure the point after an extended skirmish, quickly picking up two kills as they build a lead. As Dignitas push through the top lane, Leftovers attempt to defend their base, but lost two players in the process as the fort falls. Both teams clash over the second control point, and though the Leftovers managed to claim a fair percentage of the point, they were ultimately forced off while losing three players, allowing Dignitas to claim the point and again push the top lane. Dignitas rotate to the bot lane and destroy the outer fort there, picking up four kills in the process. Dignitas continue to press their attack, claiming more kills and attacking the core of the Leftovers directly, ultimately destroying it and claiming another victory.

“We had a rough game one, and then they instalocked the Gazlowe as a last pick, so we were like ok, guess they have a secret strategy they’re going to pull out and destroy us with maybe,” quipped Zaelia. “But then we get into the game and realize, Gazlowe is never picked for a reason. It just didn’t work out for them at all, we got kill after kill, we just did whatever we wanted on the map. So yeah, initially we were like woah, they’re confident and know what they’re doing, then three minutes later we were like oh, ok. But it is kind of rough playing a game like that, because they lock in a champion like that, it’s a lose / lose, because if you win it’s like ok, you won, but if you lose, then you are the one team that lost to a Gazlowe in a tournament, and you don’t want that. So, it was a rough game to play but we kind of just went cruise control, and it was fine in the end.”

The third clash on Cursed Hollow saw the Leftovers claim an early first blood in the top lane after a minor skirmish. Both teams continue to clash on the bot side, looking for the first tribute of the game, with Dignitas claiming several kills before picking up the objective. Dignitas rotate to push the mid lane, securing the next tribute and several more kills, before both teams clash once again over the final tribute. Dignitas push the Leftovers back long enough to claim the tribute, then begin to push in the top lane while a captured boss push in the bot lane. Dignitas manage to hold on long enough to push Dignitas back out of their base, scoring two kills in the process. Dignitas continue to make plays across the map, securing another tribute and kill before a team fight breaks out. The Leftovers manage to come out on top this time, claiming two kills for the price of one before moving to secure their first tribute of the game. Another fight that breaks out on the bot side results in two quick kills for Dignitas before they move to secure and push with a boss. A final attack from Dignitas saw them push through the bot lane, claiming victory after a short skirmish to seal their series and tournament.

We spoke more with Zaelia after his match, to get his thoughts on the victory and the future games to come at Blizzcon.

What does this dominant victory, and the fact that your team didn’t drop a single game this tournament, mean for your prospects heading towards Blizzcon?

I don’t know if we’ve lost a series this HGC season yet, I don’t remember how we did in the first part. But anyway, coming into this tournament we were the big favorites, the team that was supposed to dominate everybody, so that naturally puts a lot of pressure on you, and for us to come up and deliver on all the expectations and perform super well, it’s an accomplishment in itself. It’s hard, you know, it’s hard to live up to expectations, that’s what choking comes from, when you put a lot of pressure on yourself. But it’s amazing to see the whole team work together just like in practice and show up when it matters. It feels good, going into Blizzcon, knowing that you will perform on stage, so that’s the biggest takeaway.

Heading to Blizzcon, are there any teams that aren’t here at the Western Clash that you’re worried about facing, or are you pretty confident with your dominant performance so far?

I mean definitely, we’re definitely worried about the Koreans still. We kind of knew the power level of NA, the power level of EU. The Koreans, Gen. G, Tempest, Ballistix, they are all very different teams, and they all have, like, superpowers in their own way. So, super stoked to go to Blizzcon, hopefully the grand final, do a great showing, and hopefully that’s going to be a little bit more exciting than this. I believe that we can get our a** slapped by EU teams, on a bad day, so the Koreans are definitely a bit scary.

With their victory here today, Team Dignitas has proven once again that they are the best team in the West when it comes to Heroes of the Storm. For more on the Western Clash and Team Dignitas’ thoughts on the tournament, check out our interview with Zaelia from day two, here.


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