CyGames Beast Fuudo: Sagat, G, Future of Street Fighter 5?

Zac Cameron,

August 15, 2018 6:00 PM

Twin Galaxies was able to catch up with Fuudo, one of the talented fighters from CyGames Beast, to talk about the reveal and release of G and Sagat for Street Fighter V and other possible characters.

We saw a lot of action at Evo 2018, but not all of it took place between the fighters on the stage. with the reveal and ultimate release of G and Sagat proving to be quite an interesting twist, we caught up with Fuudo from CyGames Beast to get his first impressions on the new characters and what he thinks about the future of Street Fighter 5.

We saw the trailers for G and Sagat tonight, do you plan to give them a try or are they too different in style?

“Well, G is entirely new, so I’ll have to play and see how he’ll behave, but as for Sagat, I had the impression that he would be super weak, just because Bonchan (Masato Takahashi) had commented something about Balrog, negatively commented about Balrog, and you probably know better than I do but Capcom didn’t like that.

I had a feeling that they were going to nerf or weaken Sagat, but the trailer we saw included all the moves he has, and they look great, so despite my initial impression he looks great so I’m expecting he might make a comeback.”

Do you see a Season 4 coming, and if so what kind of characters are you expecting?

“I enjoy playing new games and new challenges, so I’m ready for a new game, I would love to see Street Fighter 6.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether G and Sagat end up becoming popular picks in the Street Fighter 5 scene, as well as if Capcom has plans to bring any other characters to the game for a possible Season 4. On the flipside, Fuudo's teammate Daigo The Beast believes that we'll see Evil Ryu and more very soon.

For more on what the pros at EVO 2018 thought about Street Fighter 5, check out our interview with PR Balrog, here.


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